UMKC - International Student Affairs

Curricular Practical Training

  • What is CPT?
    • Curricular Practical Training (CPT) is off-campus employment that is required by or relevant to a particular degree program.
    • CPT must be directly linked to curricular demands; consequently, CPT is designed to supplement educational experience and is not merely to facilitate off-campus employment.
  • Who is Eligible to Apply for CPT?
    • F-1 Visa holders (students)
    • Students who are enrolled full time at UMKC
    • Students who have completed at least two consecutive academic semesters
        This requirement is not fulfilled by semesters in which English as a Second Language requirements were fulfilled
    • Transferring graduate students may be considered for CPT in the first-semester if their academic program requires such enrollment
  • CPT and Course-Work Requirement
    • CPT is only available while there are course or research requirements to be fulfilled for degree completion
    • CPT is not available after all course, thesis, or dissertation requirements have been fulfilled
  • When Should You Seek CPT Authorization?
    • You MUST apply for and receive CPT authorization from the ISAO BEFORE beginning any type of internship or off-campus employment
    • Completion of the CPT session on Blackboard with a passing score is required
  • ISAO Authorization
    • Applications must be submitted to the ISAO at least 10 days prior to the anticipated employment start date
    • A new I-20 will be issued as work authorization for the employer and the student's records
  • The On-Line CPT Application Service provides a detailed overview of CPT Eligibility Rules and Expectations.
      Paper forms to apply for CPT are no longer accepted.