UMKC - International Student Affairs

Graduate students may apply for Graduate Teaching or Research Assistantships directly through the academic department in which enrollment is sought.

  • Review UMKC's GRaduate Information Pages ("GRIP") for your graduate program of interest to find out whether, and in which way, you can be eligible for a graduate teaching or research award.

Most assistantships are offered only to students who have completed prior course work at UMKC. Foreign Graduate Teaching Assistants (FGTA) must satisfy institutional language proficiency and SPEAK Test requirements, and complete ENG 100E Orientation for the FGTA prior to the award.

The ENG 100E course is normally offered in the Summer term each year. All other types of awards are coordinated by the particular academic unit of the University.

Students seeking any additional aid must contact the academic unit directly to request consideration.

It is the policy of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), to severely restrict any off-campus employment for nonimmigrant students.
Off-campus employment in the first academic year of study is never allowed.

On-campus employment is limited and the competition for a job is keen. Therefore, secure all necessary funding prior to accepting admission at UMKC, and all aid should be indicated on the USCIS Form I-20.