UMKC - International Student Affairs

The University of Missouri - Kansas City requires all international students with F-1 and J-1 visas to participate in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan.

Upon registering for courses each semester, all international students on F-1 and J-1 visas will automatically be enrolled for health insurance coverage with Aetna Student Health. The enrollment fee for this health insurance will be automatically charged to each international student's tuition bill.


    It is strongly encouraged that dependents (those on F-2 or J-2 visas) enroll in Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan, but this is not a requirement if the dependent is not enrolled in UMKC courses. Dependents who are enrolled in courses at UMKC will be automatically charged for student health insurance. If the dependent meets an exemption reason listed below, please follow the insurance waiver procedure.

    To purchase the Aetna Health Insurance Plan for your dependents, contact Aetna directly.


    Although waivers are rarely given, under certain exceptional circumstances students may request a waiver of the mandatory requirements. Policies purchased abroad do not typically meet the UMKC mandatory requirements.

    To request a waiver, you must be registered for classes.

    Complete and submit an International Exemption form, using the "Request a Health Insurance Exemption" menu of On-Line Services, by February 3, 2015. All those who submit an insurance waiver form will be notified by email if your waiver request is approved or denied. Students who withdraw from classes after the insurance waiver deadline will not be refunded for insurance.

    Insurance Waiver Deadline for Spring 2015:

    Tuesday, February 3, 2015

    Exemption Reasons:

  1. I am attending UMKC as an exchange student on a J-1 student visa and insurance is provided by the sponsoring organization that issued my visa.
    • Attach a copy: Scholarship letter from sponsoring agency (e.g. IREX, LEAD, IIE), insurance card.

  2. I am attending UMKC as an Embassy of the State of Kuwait or Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission sponsored student.
    • Please make sure that ISAO has an updated scholarship letter.

  3. I am attending UMKC as a government sponsored student (excluding Embassy of Kuwait and Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission).
    • Attach a copy: Scholarship letter, insurance card.

  4. I have received a change of immigration status with approval from the Department of Justice.
    • Attach a copy:I-551 Stamped Passport, Work Authorization, or Notice of Approval.

  5. I have dependent coverage through a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
    • Attach a copy: Insurance card and marriage certificate (if spouse) or birth certificate (if child). Both names must be present on the insurance card; if not, we require copies of both insurance cards.

  6. I have coverage through other authorized work in the U. S. (e.g. economic hardship work authorization, H1-B visa).
    • Attach a copy: Employment Authorization Documentation (EAD card), insurance card, and copy of visa.

  7. I have a certifiable pre-existing medical condition that requires extraordinary medical needs.
    • Attach a copy: Letter from attending physician in English, on office letterhead, and proof of insurance coverage.

  8. I no longer have an active SEVIS record and will not be present in the U.S. on F-1/J-1 visa, but I am enrolled in UMKC courses from abroad.

  9. I am on post completion OPT, but am enrolled in UMKC courses.
    • Attach a copy: Insurance card.

  10. I am transferring out of UMKC and will no longer be enrolled in any UMKC course.
    • Please be notified that if you withdraw from classes after the insurance waiver deadline, you will not be refunded for insurance, even if you are granted 100% tuition refund.

Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan costs are not negotiable nor can they be pro-rated.