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    1. Where can I get the UMKC Catalog?
      [ The UMKC Catalog is available OnLine or as a pdf document ]
    2. Which degrees and certificates does UMKC offer?
      [ See the List of Degree Programs at the top of the page ]
    3. How much will my study at UMKC cost?
      [ Listing of the Financial Ability that you must demonstrate to get a student visa from UMKC ]
    4. Who can I contact at ISAO for admission or visa issues or problems?
      [ Contact information for ISAO advisors and admission processors ]
    5. Where can I find immigration regulations, contacts or useful websites?
      [ Links for DHS, USCIS, lawyers, US Embassies abroad. Find your Embassy in the USA ]
    6. What is the process to qualify for, obtain and retain a student F-1 visa?
      [ Requirements, and advice on what to do and what not to do ]
    7. What is the J-1 visa process for an exchange student?
      [ Information, options and limitations ]
    8. What study requirements/options do I have with my F-1, J-1 or other visa?
      [ Information also for F-2, H-1, H-4, J-4, B-1, B-2 and other visa types ]
    9. What employment is allowed with my F-1, J-1 or other visa?
      [ Lost of information for F-1 and J-1 visa, and some for other visa types ]
    10. How can I get a Social Security Number and SS# card?
      [ Conditions and application process. Also: What to do if you have no SS# ]
    11. Where should I apply if I am a Permanent Resident of the USA?
      [ You must have a 'greencard', be a citizen of an US Territory or be recognized as a political refugee ]
    12. What is my application deadline?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    13. Which application processes can I use or should I use?
      [ 1.Select a program of interest; 2.Return here for program-specific information ]
    14. Where can I get application forms to mail in?
      [ Get pdf files from the "Prospective Students"-"Applying to UMKC" menu on the ISAO website ]
    15. What application materials are required and HOW can I submit them?
      [ Official documents that are required for admission with instructions for submission ]
    16. Which application materials can I send electronically?
      [ Documents and letters that can be uploaded (faxed) to UMKC ]
    17. Which mail address should I use for application papers and test results?
      [ Mailing address(es) for transcripts, letters of reference and other application materials ]
    18. What is the application fee? How do I pay this?
      [ VISA, Master Card, or Discover, check or money order: instructions for use ]
    19. Can I get transfer credit for prior coursework?
      [ Yes, transfer credit is possible. Read about requirements and about the process ]
    20. What should I do if I need to defer my admission by a semester or more?
      [ Instructions for what is required and recommended, and what it may cost ]
    21. Is an English Proficiency test (TOEFL or IELTS) required for my nationality?
      [ List of countries for which English is an official language and TOEFL is not required ]
    22. Are old and 'new' TOEFL formats accepted? Which test should I take?
      [ Information on TOEFL requirement, test scores, TSE, TWE and changes in these tests ]
    23. Where can I find information and required test scores for IELTS?
      [ Information on IELTS, the International English Language Testing System ]
    24. How much financial ability must be shown by international applicants?
      [ Study costs required for student F-1 and exchange student J-1 visa applicants ]
    25. Where do I find general information on assistantships, fellowships or Financial Aid?
      [ Do not forget to inquire for assistantships from your chosen program ]
    26. Which programs offer scholarships, stipends and assistantships?
      [ Information on GTA's, GRA's, fee-waivers, free-rides and other financial support ]
    27. How can I track the status and progress of my application?
      [ OnLine possibilities to check the status of the application process ]
    28. What does the UMKC campus look like?
      [ Campus map, driving instructions and a campus virtual tour ]
    29. Which possibilities exist to live on-campus?
      [ Oak Street Hall, Cherry Street Hall, University Apartments ]
    30. Where do I go for information on what Kansas City has to offer?
      [ web link to ]
    31. What is the weather in Kansas City?
      [ Weather changes quickly, can be (too) hot or cold, and often is just 'fine' ]
    NOTE: only questions applicable to International Students are shown here.
    For detailed information about the degree programs offered by UMKC, contact the Academic Units, departments and programs.
    For graduate programs, do not forget to review GRIP, UMKC's GRaduate Information Pages.

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