LGBTQIA Programs & Services

LGBTQIA Partnership Committee



The purpose of the LGBTQIA Partnership Committee is to advise the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Development (AVC) and the LGBTQIA Resource Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  The AVC, as the University’s administrative agent, is accountable for the overall administration of the LGBTQIA Resource Center.  The AVC, with the support of the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, will have ultimate authority on all decisions that concern the LGBTQIA Resource Center.  The Partnership Committee will produce a strategic plan, which will be submitted yearly to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.



The LGBTQIA Resource Center creates and encourages a campus culture where diversity, access, and equity for all are embraced, supported, and promoted.  The Resource Center supports the vision, mission, and values of UMKC by enabling campus and community members to live the core values of diversity, inclusiveness, and respect.  The role of the Advisory Board is to support this vision through the Resource Center.



A break-through project of the Diversity in Action Plan, the LGBT Initiative was created to establish a campus presence for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals at UMKC.  The Resource Center seeks to support and celebrate the contributions of LGBTQIA individuals in our campus environment by working to:

  • Promote visibility of the LGBTQIA community at UMKC.
  • Celebrate and honor the history, culture, and achievements of LGBTQIA people.
  • Provide a voice for the LGBTQIA community at UMKC.
  • Actively promote an inclusive campus culture as an integral part of the University.


The role of the Advisory Board is to support the LGBT Office in full realization of its mission. 


Current Advisory Board Members:
Dr. Eric Grospitch – Chair of the Board
Dr. Brenda Bethman
Dr. Bonita Butner
Robert Greim
Stuart Hinds
James Breckenridge
Dr. Lynda Payne
Justin Goddard
Tiffany Williams
Bradley Leach
Roze Brooks
Kristi Ryujin
Bill Smith
Dr. Rachel Pierce
Marsha Pirtle
Marie Thompson
Dr. Daniel Weddle
Dr. Angie Cottrell, Director of Student Life – Non-voting member
Jonathan Ta-Pryor, Coordinator for LGBTQIA Programs & Services – Non-voting member