University of Missouri-Kansas City Economics Department Chair Stephanie Kelton, UMKC Visiting Economics Professor Michael Hudson, Economist Alain Parguez, UMKC Economics Professor William K. Black, and Marshall Auerback, a contributor to UMKC's economic blog, spoke about Modern Monetary Theory during a conference in Rimini, Italy, last April. Two UMKC economics professors talked about MMT with KCUR last week.

UMKC Economics professors tell KCUR: It's bad, and here's why

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With the presidential election looming, politicians are constantly weighing in on the nation’s economy. University of Missouri-Kansas City economics professors cut through the rhetoric during a recent edition of KCUR’s “Central Standard.”

Associate Professor and Chair of the Economics Department Stephanie Kelton and Professor of Economics Randall Wray participated in the Economic Roundtable: “Why are we screwed?”

For more information, visit the UMKC Economics Department’s blog, New Economic Perspectives.

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