University of Missouri-Kansas City Theatre is co-producing a play with the Unicorn Theatre. Photo credit: Unicorn Theatre.

UMKC Theatre Offers Up Literal Political Theatre

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The Unicorn Theatre is offering up political theatre. Literally.

University of Missouri-Kansas City Theatre is co-producing “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson,” a rock musical biography about America's seventh president.

In an interview with KCUR-FM, the show's composer, Michael Friedman, said that Andrew Jackson was a complex political figure, who can be compared to a variety of modern politicians.

"What’s funny is that we began to realize Jackson is a whole lot like Reagan, a lot like Jimmy Carter, and hugely like Bill Clinton, with his whole 'I feel your pain' schtick," he says.

"And then as time moved forward, he seemed like Barack Obama, the Tea Party (and) Sarah Palin. As history moves forward, some of those parallels and resonances we wrote to mean one thing seems to resonate with other things."

KCUR 89.3 FM, part of the National Public Radio’s digital network, is licensed by UMKC.

Want to go?
“Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.”
Where: Unicorn Theatre, 3828 Main Street, Kansas City, Mo.
When: Now through Nov. 4
UMKC Connection: Co-production with UMKC Theatre. Many of the actors and designers are UMKC graduate students.
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