Feb 2, 2006    #019
Contact: Michelle Hopkins

March 1 is Deadline for Students to Apply for Admission to UMKC's Institute for Urban Education

Less than a month remains for college-bound students to apply for Fall 2006 admission to the University of Missouri – Kansas City’s Institute for Urban Education (IUE). Launched in July 2005, the IUE is one of the university’s leading strategic efforts in urban engagement focused on reducing the achievement gap for urban K-12 students and reversing the high teacher-turnover rates in urban schools.

In Phase I (August 2005 to May 2006), the IUE inaugurated curriculum especially designed for enhancing math and science instruction in urban schools. Phase II enrollment (August 2006 to May 2007) is intended to more than double the number of UMKC students in the program and will expand the curriculum to areas of elementary and middle school education. Secondary education programs will be added in subsequent years.

With an emphasis on social justice and multicultural education, UMKC ultimately hopes to enroll as many as 140 students and add additional program phases over five years to encompass components in school leadership (preparation for future principals), school counseling and professional development (for current teachers).

The IUE was designed with substantial input from the community and reflects national research on educational challenges in urban schools. The program is innovative in many respects:

  • IUE students receive full scholarships in exchange for a commitment to teach for a minimum of four years in urban schools in partnering districts;

  • The IUE utilizes a cohort group model that provides extensive mentoring and peer support for the students while they are at UMKC and in their first few years of teaching;

  • IUE students complete more than 1,000 hours of clinical experience in actual urban school settings – far more than traditional teacher education programs; and

  • IUE students are immersed in the urban environment, culture and community through Summer Acculturation Experiences.

    Students must be accepted by UMKC prior to being accepted to the IUE. Admission requirements are explained in the online application; the application for admission to the University is available at Go to to see the IUE application and requirements.

    After students are admitted to the Institute for Urban Education, they must meet the following requirements: pass an FBI background check, as required by the Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education; complete annually the Federal Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA); complete annually the UMKC Scholarship Application; pass an online computer competency test; successfully complete the College Basic Subject Examination (C-BASE); and teach in an urban district for at least four years.

    The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), one of four University of Missouri campuses, is a public university serving more than 14,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students. UMKC engages with the community and economy based on a three-part mission: visual and performing arts, health sciences, and urban affairs.

    This information is available to people with speech or hearing impairments by calling Relay Missouri at (800) 735-2966 (TT) or (800) 735-2466 (voice).


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