Mar 24, 2006    #058
Contact: Michelle Hopkins

Poet Alice Friman bridges death and the living in new BkMk Press release, The Book of the Rotten Daughter

BkMk Press announces the April 1 publication of Alice Friman’s latest poetry book, The Book of the Rotten Daughter. “These are astonishing poems that fearlessly jump into hell and out again, that resent or forgive,” writes poet Marianne Boruch, “poems that wryly, exactly and richly honor the world of the living.”

Friman draws on her experience as caregiver for her aging mother and father, exploring such topics as nursing homes, osteoporosis, guilt, grief, the enduring power of familial relationships and the transcendent power of art. “The book isn’t about death but about the living’s reaction to it,” Friman says. “The ‘Rotten Daughter’ has at least pulled something out of the fire. She has created something.”

In the poem, “Remembering in Lilacs and Heart-Shaped Leaves,” Friman describes living under the rotten daughter label that her father gave her. She becomes “the Blotter, the Good, programmed / to soak up sorrow the way an unlit match / is programmed to absorb the dark.”

“We enter the poems and know the place,” Boruch writes, “and we can’t look away.”

The Book of the Rotten Daughter is Friman’s fourth book of poetry. Her poems have appeared in Poetry, Gettysburg Review and Prairie Schooner. She received the Ezra Pound Poetry Award, the Sheila Margaret Motten Prize and the James Boatwright III Prize for Poetry. She is the poetry editor of Arts and Letters in Milledgeville, Ga.

The Book of the Rotten Daughter is available from BkMk Press and from other wholesale and retail outlets, including Small Press Distribution (SPD) in Berkeley, Calif. ( The retail price is $13.95 in trade paperback, ISBN 1-886157-54-5.

BkMk Press was founded in 1971 and became a part of UMKC in 1983. The press publishes fine literature by contemporary authors. Financial assistance for BkMk is provided by the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency; by UMKC; and by private donations. Media review copies of The Book of the Rotten Daughter may be requested by calling 816-235-2558.


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