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UMKC engineering professor begins summer fellowship at Naval Research Laboratory

Research may reduce cost and time associated with analyzing phased array radars

Naval ships have used it to detect missile threats, meteorologists have used it to detect tornados and air traffic controllers have used it to ensure airplane safety. Now, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Computing and Engineering Associate Professor Deb Chatterjee is researching this technology – phased array radars – as part of a 10-week Summer Faculty Fellowship at the Naval Research Laboratory, Radar Division and the Computational Electromagnetics Section in Washington, D.C.

Phased array radars are of great importance to modern military systems, as they provide for rapid surveillance and the simultaneous tracking of multiple targets. Chatterjee is modeling and manipulating electromagnetic objects to simulate radiofrequency circuits, antennas, antenna arrays and large electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility-sensitive systems.

Typically, direct performance analyses on large multi-function phased array radar systems are very costly and time-consuming. Chatterjee will be addressing theoretical issues associated with the development of fast, accurate computer codes for the calculation of electromagnetic wave propagation over and through multilayer radar absorbing materials. Such calculations are of great importance in the design and analysis of radar phased-array antennas and ship super-structures planned for the US Navy’s future surface ships. By researching smaller-scale models, Chatterjee hopes to reduce the cost and time normally required to analyze phased array radars.

“The objective is to ‘push the envelope’ in electromagnetic simulations and analysis that cannot be realistically performed by present state-of-the-art computational resources,” Chatterjee said.

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