Sustainability, green development and the law

Robert Freilich, emeritus faculty member from UMKC’s School of Law, will discuss the sustainability movement and new Stimulus and Transportation Acts that encourage wise energy use. He will highlight successful state, city-county, and regional initiatives and how the Kansas City region might implement similar programs. His presentation, part of the John B. Gage Lecture series sponsored by the UMKC School of Law, will be September 17, 2009, at 6pm, E.E. (Tom) Thompson Courtroom in the Law Building, 500 E. 52nd Street, Kansas City, MO. For over 30 years, Freilich has studied land use law. In November, 2009, the American Bar Association will publish his work, “From Sprawl to Sustainable Growth: Successful Growth Management, Green Development and Renewable Energy Systems.” Freilich is a Visiting Professor of Law at UCLA and USC Schools of Law.


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