Frequently Asked Questions

Where do classes meet?
UMKC Northland is located at 11724 N.W. Plaza Circle, Suite 701, Kansas City, Missouri  64153, in the Platte County Resource Center building near the KCI Airport.   Click for a map  or a  map with driving directions.
When do classes meet?
Classes usually meet late afternoons, evenings, and weekends.  At times semester-long or summer classes may be more concentrated as they meet longer and less often.
What is a cohort?
A cohort is a group of 20-25 students, which begins the program and progresses toward the degree together.  A pre-set schedule allows students to see when the degree can be completed and which courses could be taken each semester.
Do I have to take every class that is offered each semester that pertains to my degree program?
No, you also have the option of taking classes one at a time, as needed.
When will I need to travel to the main Volker campus?
If you choose not to register for a class when it is offered in the Northland, you may need to take it at the main Volker campus.  Typically, students may not have to travel to the main campus.  Enrollment is handled online through the Pathway system;  there are several options for fee payment; and you may purchase textbooks online.
May I take Northland classes that are not part of my cohort schedule?
Yes, as long as space is available in the class you want to take.
May I take a Northland class if I am not part of a cohort?
If space is available and with special permission from the School of Education, you can take a Northland class.
How do I know which of my classes will transfer?
The UMKC Northland Program Director will evaluate your transcripts and advise you which classes will transfer and which you still need to take.   The advisor will work with students to develop a Program of Study (POS) for the Curriculum and Instruction or the Educational Administration programs.

Students in the Counseling and Guidance program will have their POS developed by the Counseling & Guidance faculty at the Volker Campus.
How do I apply for admission to UMKC Northland?
Complete the online UMKC Application for admission.  Request official transcripts from previous schools you have attended.  If you received any college credit while in high school, you must submit transcripts for those classes as well.   Please also refer to our Basic Instructions document for information to help you with this process.
How do I register?
After you have been accepted to UMKC, you will need to meet with your faculty advisor and develop your Program of Study (POS).   Course registration is handled online through the Pathway system.

Please refer to the Registration Quick Guide for further details and instructions for registering online.

How much is tuition?
The current fee schedule for any semester can be found on the Cashier's web site.  Fees are subject to change at any time.  In general, fees must be paid the Friday before the semester begins so that enrollment is not cancelled.  Do not wait to receive a bill to pay for classes.
Is there an installment plan for paying tuition?
Yes.  Tuition for each semester may be paid in installments.  Installment dates and amounts are available each semester in the Registration Quick Guide, under Fees.
How may I pay my tuition?
There are several options for  fee payment.   Check here for payment due dates.

If you applied for financial aid and it does not cover the whole tuition, you are responsible for paying the balance.  Please refer to the Registration Quick Guide for further details about tuition payment and refunds.

For financial aid information, please visit the UMKC Financial Aid website.