Freshman Orientation

College is a new experience for you, and the entire UMKC family wants you to succeed. The information shared at Orientation will be critical to getting a strong start at UMKC, which is why Orientation is mandatory for freshmen. Transfer students with less than 24 credit hours are strongly encouraged to attend a Freshman Orientation in order to have the best transition experience possible.


Invite the Family

We strongly recommend that your parents, guardians or significant others also attend Orientation. We plan activities just for them so they will know how to help you transition smoothly into college.

Orientation Dates

Summer Orientation dates will be released in early 2017. Note that some Academic Advisors including Six Year Medicine, Conservatory of Music and Dance, and Education attend a limited number of dates. When you log in to register for Orientation, you will be given the dates that are available for your major. Additionally, once an Orientation reaches capacity, it will close and not be viewable upon logging in. Students can make changes up to 7 days before their selected date which enables spots to open for previously closed dates.

Plan to be at your Orientation program all day from 8:00am-5:00pm.

August Orientation

If you are unable to attend an Orientation summer program during our mandatory dates, you can register for a make-up Orientation program (2017 date coming soon). A staff member will contact you to provide next steps including how to register for classes prior to the Orientation program. Please note: since Orientation is mandatory for all incoming freshmen, you will be removed from your classes if you do not attend August Orientation. Confirmation materials will be emailed/mailed to you that include location, parking, and other details. Note that the program will start with lunch.

How Much Does It Cost?

Students pay $45 for Summer Orientation; the fee for each family member or guest is $25. These nonrefundable fees support Orientation and other activities that help acclimate you to UMKC. The fees are billed directly to each student's UMKC account and will be reflected on the first billing statement.

Before Registering

Admitted students will be notified when registration for Orientation begins in mid-March 2017. To register, you will need your UMKC Single Sign On (SSO) and password, which were included in the packet announcing your admission to UMKC. If you are not sure of your SSO and/or password, visit the UMKC Central website for instructions.


Need More Information?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. You may also contact a staff member in the UMKC Admissions Office by email.