Freshman Orientation

College is a new experience for you, and the entire UMKC family wants you to succeed. The information shared at Orientation will be critical for getting a strong start at UMKC, which is why Orientation is mandatory for freshmen. Transfer students with less than 24 credit hours are strongly encouraged to attend a Freshman Orientation to have the best transition experience possible.

Invite the Family

We strongly recommend that your parents, guardians, or significant others also attend Orientation with you. We plan activities just for them so they will know how to help you transition smoothly into college.

Orientation Dates

View a comprehensive list of Orientation dates here. Note that some academic units including Biological Sciences, Conservatory of Music and Dance, Education, Six Year Medicine, and Pharmacy (includes pre-pharmacy majors) attend a limited number of dates.  When you log in to register for Orientation, you will be given the dates that are available for your major. Once an Orientation reaches capacity, it will close and not show as an option for you to register.  Students can make changes up to 7 days before their selected date.

Plan to be at your Orientation program all day from 8:00am-5:00pm. Tip: If you have prom on April 29, choose another date since the Orientation program will run into the evening.

August Orientation

If you are unable to attend an Orientation summer program during our mandatory dates, we offer a make-up Orientation program just before the academic year begins. You must seek approval to attend this date by sending an email and explain why you are unable to attend earlier dates. We will contact you to provide next steps. Please note: since Orientation is mandatory for all incoming freshmen, if you do not attend an Orientation program, you will be required to start at UMKC in January 2018 or a later semester.

How Much Does Orientation Cost?

Students pay $45 for Summer Orientation; the fee for each family member or guest is $25 per person. These nonrefundable fees support Orientation and other activities that help acclimate you to UMKC. The fees are billed directly to each student's UMKC account and will be reflected on the first billing statement. Please note that if a student attends Orientation but ultimately does not attend UMKC, they will receive a billing statement from UMKC and will be expected to pay the balance.

Before Registering

To register for Orientation, you will need your UMKC Username/Single Sign On (SSO) which was included in your UMKC admission letter. Set up your information by visiting the Information Services Homepage, click on the New User Activation button, and follow the prompts. If you do not know your UMKC Username/SSO or need assistance, contact the UMKC Call Center by phone at (816) 235-2000 between Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm (CT) or by email at

Ready for Orientation?

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Need More Information?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page. You may also contact a staff member in the UMKC Admissions Office by email.


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