Portraits of Possibilities

Each year thousands of bright young minds attend UMKC with their focus on the future. They picture life after graduation and envision a better tomorrow with endless possibilities.

The UMKC Alumni Fund is made up of thousands of gifts from alumni, faculty and staff, and friends that help our students focus on tomorrow.

We want to show your dollars at work through – a collection of images showcasing how your investment makes a difference year after year for our dreamers, believers and visionaries.

Ida Ayalew
Isaac Dains
Marianne McKenzie
Christsenio Collins
Steven Andrews
Tierney Utley

Last year, your generosity helped fund scholarships, research, study abroad and internship experiences for thousands of UMKC students.

Contributions from alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff combine to make a tremendous impact on our students. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference. Thank you in advance for your financial support. You help make students' dreams a reality.