Office of the Provost

Academy for Assessment of Student Learning

Since 2007, UMKC has been a member of the Higher Learning Commission’s Academy of Assessment of Student Learning (see An overview of the purposes of the Academy is outlined on their website as follows:

  • The Academy experience is intended to develop institutional culture and increase institutional commitment to assessing and improving student learning. Participation in the Academy is designed to generate evidence for accreditation evaluations and follow-up. The Academy for Assessment of Student Learning offers HLC member institutions a four-year sequence of events and interactions that are focused on student learning, targeted at accelerating and advancing efforts to assess and improve student learning, and designed to build institution-wide commitment to assessment of student learning.
Academy Outcomes

Other outcomes of participation include the following:

  • Further establish institutional commitment to teaching, to student learning, and to assessing, confirming, and improving student learning
  • Achieve intended results defined by student learning projects and action portfolio
  • Accelerate efforts to assess, confirm, and improve student learning
  •  Improve institutional capacity to assess, confirm, and improve student learning
  • Develop institutional leaders and mentors
  • Test and document effective practices in assessing, confirming and improving student learning
  • Interact with diverse institutions, building a collaborative network for ongoing comparison of efforts and results
  • Establish and build a sustained, ongoing commitment around student learning

UMKC is currently focusing on two projects for the Academy of Assessment, which are outlined below:

Assessment Integration throughout Academic Degree Programs
This project includes all academic degree programs and the support aspects to ensure the development of a campus culture of assessment. The project is focused on the development of effective student learning assessment plans for each academic degree program offered at UMKC. The success of the project will be for all programs to have detailed assessment plans utilizing demonstrated effective best practices in student learning assessment and the demonstration that academic programs are using the student learning assessment results to modify curricula, courses and/or policies and procedures to improve student learning.

Assessment of General Education
This is a new project that has emerged from our initial work on assessment, a program revision process directed by our strategic planning and a clearer campus focus on student success. Our general education program has not been systematically reviewed and revised by our campus community in a significant amount of time. There are numerous student success related challenges with our current program of requirements and none of the existing assessments are used by academic units to make changes in courses, the curriculum or policies/procedures. We are in the initial stages of curricular reform and in developing an appropriate and useful assessment plan that can be used to improve student success which are the major objectives of this project.