Office of the Provost

University Assessment Committee

As outlined in the University Assessment Plan the Committee is charged with encouraging, supporting and guiding the growth of effective student learning outcomes assessment practices at UMKC. The Committee will also be responsible for guiding the development and integration of student learning outcomes assessment into a university-wide assessment and evaluation system that is effectively linked with planning and budgeting processes. The Committee will review program level assessment plans for all academic programs and provide recommendations for plan improvements to department chairs, program directors, and departmental assessment coordinators. The Committee will also assist in developing, monitoring, and revising the university plan for assessing the General Education learning outcomes.

The Committee’s responsibilities include:

  1. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the University Assessment Plan, which focuses on the continual improvement of teaching and learning across campus, as well as fulfilling our accreditation requirements regarding assessment.
  2. Develop or adopt research-based and/or best practice guidelines that promote effective integration of learning outcomes assessment practices at course, program, and campus levels and that help achieve the University’s mission and strategic goals
  3. Make recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor concerning student learning outcomes assessment policy and effective integration/linkage of learning outcomes assessment with strategic planning, budgeting, and resource allocation
  4. Work with the Program Evaluation Committee to integrate learning outcomes assessment with academic program review in the following areas:
    • Develop University guidelines for assessment and assist departments with the development of their student learning outcome statements and assessment strategies that are reported in their program review self-study; and
    • Review departmental assessment plans to ensure that they meet the University’s guidelines.
  5. Oversee the deployment of an assessment information management system for UMKC that:
    • Tracks and interprets results of university assessments of Campus Learning Objectives (e.g., National Survey of Student Engagement, Collegiate Learning Assessment) and undergraduate general education (e.g., ETS Proficiency Profile, Written English Proficiency Test) for use in university strategic planning, the improvement of undergraduate general education, and the attainment of campus learning objectives by all students;
    • Tracks program-level learning outcomes assessment activities and the use of results for program improvement purposes; and
    • Includes mechanisms for evaluating the effectiveness of assessment and sharing effective assessment practices within and between department and unit level organizations.

The committee is led by co-chairs. The Academic Affairs representative is a permanent co-chair. A co-chair will be elected bi-annually by UAC members from among faculty representatives that have served at least one year on the Committee.

The co-chairs convene and facilitate meetings of the committee. They will also ensure that nominations for new members are forwarded to the executive sponsor on an annual basis in May.

Membership on the Committee:

17 members serve on this committee. Each Academic Unit and the University Library have one faculty representative; the College of Arts and Sciences has three representatives, one each from the three major divisions of Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences. The Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs each have one representative.

Faculty representatives of academic units are selected by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor from two or more faculty nominated by the Academic Unit Dean. The Student Affairs representative is selected by the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor from two or more Student Affairs staff nominated by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. The Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor selects the representative from Academic Affairs.

Members will participate in committee meetings and perform work outlined in the Charge and Responsibilities sections of this document. Members may perform this work in subcommittees or other ad hoc groupings between meetings as determined by the committee membership.

All faculty representatives and the Student Affairs representative will serve 5 year terms and may be re-appointed.


Member Representation

Berkel, Laverne


Bethman, Brenda

Ex-Officio/Student Affairs

Breytspraak, Linda M.

Arts & Sciences-Social Sciences

Bunce, Larry W.

Institutional Research

Cornell, David W.


Garavalia, Linda


Kelly, Colleen L.

Graduate Studies

Krantz, Steven

Nursing and Health Studies

Leibsle, Fred M.

Arts & Sciences-Natural Sciences

Lindsay, Nathan

Ex-officio/Academic Affairs

Mitchell, Ken

Computing & Engineering

Mullaly-Quijas, Margaret P.


Pemberton, Cynthia

Deputy Provost/Academic Affairs

Phegley, Jennifer

Arts & Sciences-Humanities

Plamann, Lynda S.

Biological Sciences

Smith, Deborah


Timmons, Tim


Toy, Serkan


Van Ness, Christopher




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