Celebrating Excellence: UMKC Faculty and Staff Awards

2010 Recipient

Andrew Granade

Andrew Granade
Assistant Professor
Conservatory of Music and Dance

He teaches “by his own example as much as through any direct instruction. Through his clarity of thought, high standards, work ethic, and enthusiasm for his subject, he exemplifies the very best that UMKC has to offer.”

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Chancellor’s Early Career Award for
Excellence in Teaching

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Established: October 2009

Description: UMKC’s highest honor for excellence in teaching for an assistant professor.

Purpose: To recognize faculty who have achieved excellence in teaching early in their professional careers.

Eligibility: Full-time, tenure-track UMKC assistant professors who have completed a minimum of two continuous years teaching in this title at UMKC.

Nature of award: One $1500 stipend award plus commemorative wall plaque distributed annually.

  • Amount: $1500 + commemorative wall plaque
  • Funding Source: Chancellor’s Office
  • Number of Awards: One award distributed annually.
  • Terms of Award: One-time, lump-sum, non-renewable award payable to recipient as a taxable stipend. Previous award recipients ineligible for repeat awards.

Qualifying Criteria: Clear, compelling and documented evidence of excellence in teaching and student development and learning. Evidence includes student and peer evaluations regarding outstanding classroom teaching. Additional evidence of instructional contributions beyond the classroom is desirable. Consideration may also be given to excellence in scholarship in teaching and learning and outstanding service to students.

Special note: Recipient demonstrates sensitivity and adaptability to individual student needs, interests and challenges. Consideration may be given to the number of substantially varied courses taught, the number of students in each class, and the variety of teaching techniques used to foster student learning.

Nomination process: Candidates are nominated by their Department Chair (or immediate supervisor if no Chair). Nomination packet materials include a letter of nomination from the Department Chair detailing the nominee’s unique qualifications for the award, Nominee’s current CV, and letter of support from the Dean. Send electronic nomination materials to Provost Office prior to deadline via email to:

Deadline for Submission of Nomination Materials: November 1 annually.
Send electronic nomination materials to Provost Office via email to:

Selection Process: The Provost will assemble one Teaching Awards Selections Committee to review all teaching award nominations. The Provost will request multiple nominations from each academic unit and the Faculty Senate each spring to replace any vacated seats. The Provost selects committee members from all nominations received. The Selections Committee will consist of one faculty representative from each academic unit, and two Faculty Senate representatives; Provost will appoint committee Chair. Selections Committee members will serve three-year, staggered terms. The Selections Committee will meet at least once annually to review all nomination materials, meeting as often as necessary to determine the most qualified recipient based upon the guidelines above and submit its recommendation to the Provost prior to December 31. The Provost and Chancellor will make the final decision based upon the committee’s recommendations. The Chancellor will announce the award recipients at a spring semester award ceremony. The Selections Committee may recommend that outstanding but unsuccessful nominations be carried forward for one or, in exceptional cases, two years. Such nominations could be updated if the nominator so chooses, but this is not required. In such cases, the nominators should be notified.
Provost will assign a non-voting staff coordinator to accept, assemble and distribute nominations materials, coordinate committee meetings, track award details for Web site posting and communications announcements, order commemorative plaque, and obtain award check for presentation to recipient.

Award Date: Award will be presented prior to April 30.

Recognition: Recipient will be recognized on the UMKC Awards Web site, and presented with award check and commemorative plaque at appropriate UMKC awards event.