Celebrating Excellence: UMKC Faculty and Staff Awards

2010 Recipient

Tim Quinn

Tim Quinn
Senior Research Assistant
Gold Lab, School of Medicine

Tim is “the ‘go-to’ person for helping anxious and under-pressure students learn laboratory procedures and protocol required for their one month medical research rotation.”

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Student Affairs’ Student Mentor Staff Award

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Established: 2009

Description: This award will recognize a UMKC Staff Member who has made significant contributions to higher education through exceptional student mentoring.

Purpose: To recognize a UMKC Staff Member who has made significant contributions to higher education through exceptional student mentoring and concern for student welfare.

Eligibility: Full-time UMKC staff members. UMKC Staff Governing Board Members are not eligible for this award.

Nature of Award: One $1500 stipend award + commemorative wall plaque issued annually.

  • Amount: $1500
  • Funding Source: $1000 Student Affairs , $500 + plaque Chancellor’s Office
  • Number of Awards: 1
  • Terms of Award: One-time, lump-sum, non-renewable award payable to recipient as a taxable stipend. Previous award recipients ineligible for repeat awards.

Qualifying Criteria:

  • Recognizes that students are integral to everything we do
  • Creates and encourages the desire to learn by setting examples and mentoring (formal or informal student coaching and mentoring)
  • Recognizes and rewards excellence
  • Is committed to lifelong learning
  • Volunteers and participates in extracurricular student activities outside their work environment
  • Is committed to helping out students and student groups through social activities and scholastic growth
  • Is committed to our students’ welfare including support of personal activities and education success

Nomination Process: Candidates are nominated by faculty, staff and students from UMKC. The form can be found on the Staff Council Web site:
Send nominations to:

Deadline for Submission of Nominations Materials: November 1 annually.

Selection Process: Staff Council Awards Committee will meet at least once annually to reviews all nominations and selects most qualified recipient based upon the qualifying criteria identified above.

Award Date: Award will be presented prior to April 30.

Recognition: Recipient will be recognized on the UMKC Awards Web site, and presented with award check and commemorative plaque at appropriate UMKC awards event.