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University Budget Committee


The University Budget Committee was formed in 2006 and initially charged by then Chancellor Bailey with designing a form of Responsibility Center Budgeting for UMKC that minimally: gives academic units significantly more control over their finances; encourages them to generate new revenue for themselves and for the institution; and ensures that they keep a significant portion of the revenue that they generate. Phase-in of the budget model subsequently recommended by the Committee began in FYE 2009. The Committee, chaired by Provost Bichelmeyer, is currently charged by Chancellor Morton with continuing to make recommendations as the budget model is fully implemented, and with advising the Chancellor on resource allocation matters generally and on specific budget-related issues that arise from time to time.


Name Representation

Chair: Barbara Bichelmeyer, Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost

Academic Affairs

Ted White, Dean

School of Biological Sciences

Wayne Vaught, Dean

College of Arts and Sciences

Russ Melchert, Dean

School of Pharmacy

Faculty Senate: Mark Johnson, Professor

School of Dentistry

Faculty Senate: Sue Sykes-Berry, Instruction and Reference Librarian

Health Sciences Library

Faculty Senate Budget Committee: Anthony Luppino, Professor

School of Law

Faculty Senate Chair: Peggy Ward-Smith, Associate Professor

School of Nursing

Staff Council, Kevin Sansberry, Talent Manager

Human Resources

Curt Crespino, Vice Chancellor

Office of University Advancement

Mel Tyler, Vice Chancellor

Student Affairs and Enrollment Management



Amy Prettejohn, Interim Director, Institutional Research & Planning

Academic Affairs

Karen Wilkerson, Director, Planning & Budgeting

Administrative Services

Sharon Lindenbaum , Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance Services

Administrative Services



Peter Witte, Dean

Conservatory of Music

Report and Recommendations of the UMKC Budget Model Review Subcommittee

Archive Meeting Minutes

Budget Models