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Student Success and Retention Workshops with ACT

February 23-24, 2010

ACT, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides a broad array of assessment, research and information for education, including the ACT college entrance exam.

Dr. Steve Robbins
Vice President, Research, ACT,  Inc.

Steve RobbinsSteven Robbins is Vice President of Research and member of ACT's senior management team. He oversees several departments including Measurement, Statistical Research, Educational and Workforce Research,  Survey Services, and Career Transitions Research. Research supports the education, work, and international mission of ACT.

Steve is also former professor and chair of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He is a counseling psychologist with extensive practical, teaching, and research expertise in college student and adult educational and career planning, personality factors in adjustment across the lifespan, and management consultation and strategic development of employees.  He currently teaches in the Department of Management, College of Business at the University of Iowa.

He has published over 85 research studies, and was cited as 12th in contributions to the counseling and career literature in the late 90s.  His research focuses on exploring academic achievement, personality, and career interest formation across time, including examining their effect on college and career outcomes. Steve currently leads Gates and Carnegie Foundation funded projects associated with K-12 school improvement, and the transition into postsecondary education. He is author of several personality-based assessments including the Student Readiness Inventory-Middle School, High School and College and the WorkKey Solution Personal Skill Assessments.

Mr. Charles Ramos
Director, Outreach Services, ACT, Inc.

Charles RamosCharles Ramos presently serves as the Director of P-16/Outreach Services for ACT, Inc. The focus of his work has been in areas of enrollment management, advising and assessment and their ties to effective P-16 state, regional and national initiatives. Further, Charles has worked diligently to help both educators and employers understand the common standards and benchmarks that are key for both college and workforce readiness. Prior to becoming Director of P-16/Outreach Services, Charles was the ACT Midwest Region Director for Postsecondary Services, and before joining ACT was Assistant Director of Admission at Saint Louis University.

Charles understands and values the importance of welcoming stakeholder voices into dialogue for the improvement of teaching and learning systems. His awareness of the power of establishing and sustaining relationships across the learning continuum for the mutual benefit of those serving in divergent educational settings has earned him the respect of colleagues across the nation.

Charles earned both his B.A. and M.A. degrees from Saint Louis University in history and higher education administration respectively. He currently lives with his wife, Sara, in Iowa City, IA.


Dr. Wes Habley
Coordinator of ACT’s State Organizations and
Principal Associate in Educational Services

Wes HableyWes Habley is the Coordinator of ACT’s State Organizations and Principal Associate in Educational Services. He holds a B.S. in music education and an M.Ed. in student development from the University of Illinois. Habley earned his doctorate in educational administration from Illinois State University and has been elected to ISU's College of Education Hall of Fame. 

He has more than 50 published works on academic advising and student retention the most of which include Academic Advising: a comprehensive handbook (2008), Status of Academic Advising (2004) and What Works in Student Retention in 2004 and 2009.  He has delivered more than 200 presentations at professional meetings and has served as a consultant or workshop leader at more than 125 colleges in the U.S., Canada and the Middle East.