Office of the Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor


Below are links to Provost-supported or Provost-led initiatives.

Academic Portfolio Review

Academic portfolio review is focused on supporting the University›s investment decisions by providing a framework and tools that allow deans, department chairs, faculty and administrators to understand how our resources are deployed to support the teaching and learning enterprise, and what our return on investment is in terms of educational quality and student success. The goal of academic portfolio review is to best align our mission with academic program opportunities to create efficient operations, in keeping with our unwavering commitment to ensure our university resources support our students and serve our community.

2020 Task Force

The 2020 Task Force has a goal to utilize the Strategic Plan in order to examine the ways that UMKC can differentiate itself in teaching, research, student life, community outreach, diversity and the arts over the next 10 years in the face of budget shortfalls and related challenges – including the identification of programs that are current or emerging areas of excellence.

Course Redesign (NCAT)

The UMKC Course Resign initiative is an effort to promote student success, student achievement, and increase sufficiency in course delivery.

General Education

The General Education Program at UMKC is designed to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their capacity for intellectual inquiry and discovery, critical reasoning, and effective communication.

Institutional Accreditation at UMKC

Institutional accreditation aides quality and demonstrates accountability for UMKC. It is a process of critical self-analysis that incorporates all of our schools and departments and plays a vital role in student success and learning.

Student Success and Retention

Student success and retention is an important agenda at UMKC. When students are successful, it benefits themselves as well as their community; earning potential and career opportunities increase with level of education. UMKC has a commitment to integrate all students in a supportive social and intellectual community in order for them to increase their level of education and experience.