Office of the Provost – Academic Affairs

Strategic Plan Goals

Strategic Plan 2010-2020

Vision and mission

Vision statement

UMKC will become a model urban research university characterized by signature graduate and professional programs, a dynamic undergraduate population, a highly diverse faculty, staff and student body, and active engagement with its city and region.

Mission statement

UMKC’s mission is to lead in life and health sciences; to deepen and expand strength in the visual and performing arts; to develop a professional workforce and collaborate in urban issues and education; and to create a vibrant learning and campus life experience.

Goal 1. Place student success at the center

To provide the optimal learning environment for all students: outstanding academic programs and experiences, seamless student support and a vibrant campus community.
  • Challenge all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to the highest levels of achievement by providing excellent academic programs.
  • Engage and retain students by providing “high-impact” educational practices, such as first-year and capstone seminars, undergraduate research, study abroad and internships.
  • Empower all students to contribute to a demographically and technologically complex world.
  • Offer superior services to students through a model that allows a one-stop approach (real and virtual) to meet students’ needs.
  • Support student success with new, proactive intervention systems and programs.
  • Provide on-campus, co-curricular experiences that encourage student engagement and community participation.

Goal 2. Lead in life and health sciences

To attain national recognition for excellence in research, expand opportunities for clinical practitioner training and provide outstanding health care delivery.
  • Become an essential partner with other members of the Kansas City area life and health sciences community.
  • Establish a unified strategic approach to the UMKC life and health sciences research mission emphasizing translational research.
  • Implement innovative life and health sciences graduate, doctoral, professional and interprofessional education initiatives.
  • Expand clinical practice initiatives and research opportunities that address community health needs.
  • Enhance collaborative and cross-disciplinary research and educational programs both within the science and engineering communities, and across disciplines.

Goal 3. Advance urban engagement

To become a model urban university by fully engaging with the Kansas City community to enhance education, public health, the arts and economic development.
  • Expand relationships in the Kansas City area to ensure that UMKC is embedded in the fabric of the community and that the community is embedded in the University.
  • Facilitate the exchange of the rich intellectual and cultural assets of UMKC and of the Kansas City community.
  • Strengthen the PK-20 educational pipeline through strategic alliances with area school districts and community colleges.
  • Promote environmental responsibility by integrating sustainability into the curriculum, research and institutional practices.

Goal 4. Excel in the visual and performing arts

To create excellent programs in visual and performing arts that are central to campus life and support Kansas City’s initiatives in entrepreneurship, urban education and innovation.
  • Enhance UMKC’s reputation as a national leader in artistic excellence.
  • Enhance all students’ education through infusing the arts into campus life.
  • Collaborate with local and regional partners to provide community arts programming and experiences.
  • Demonstrate the relationships between artistic creativity, entrepreneurial innovation and economic development.

Goal 5. Embrace diversity

To celebrate diversity in all aspects of university life, creating inclusive environments, culturally competent citizens, and globally-oriented curricula and programs.
  • Cultivate an environment committed to civility and respect where all students, faculty and staff are empowered to pursue their personal, academic and professional goals.
  • Provide a diverse learning and life experience to create culturally competent citizens.
  • Recruit and retain a diverse campus community.
  • Ensure diversity initiatives are actively reviewed and owned by the University community.

Goal 6. Promote research and economic development

To produce world-class scholarship and creative activity, encourage entrepreneurship, foster innovation, increase technology transfer, and build relationships that create economic and workforce development.
  • Expand opportunities for extraordinary scholarship and creative activity.
  • Create cross-disciplinary programs, at all levels, and align with strong community partnerships that support research, innovation and economic development.
  • Strengthen workforce development programs to address current and future market needs.
  • Encourage innovation within science and technology communities to increase technology transfer.