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How does My Class Scheduler work?

For complete directions visit My Class Scheduler Directions

How do I print my schedule?

To print your schedule go to "file" in the upper left-hand corner and select "print."

How do I save my schedule

To save your schedule go to "file" and select "save."

How do I select a course?

Highlight a course you are interested in taking.  Select "add" in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How do I know when the course is offered?

One you have added a course you can highlight the course in the courses selected box.  There you will see times and messages that pertain to a certain course.

I can't install My Class Scheduler? 

In the event you are unable to install My Class Scheduler you may need load a different version of Java. 

Questions or Comments?

We welcome your questions or comments for My Class Scheduler.  To contact us click here


My Class Scheduler Disclosure

My Class Scheduler is for mock scheduling purposes only and does not constitute a contract or an offer to contract. Course time/date offerings are subject to change at any time without prior notification and can be confirmed by reviewing your class schedule. My Class Scheduler does not automatically reserve seating or directly enroll you in classes.


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