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Beginning at 5 p.m. on Friday, November 16, the Pathway system will be taken offline to prepare for the upgrade. During this time, the system will be unavailable for approximately three days and should be brought back online by 8:00 am, Tuesday, November 20.

The upgrade to 9.0 will only bring subtle changes to end users. The same general functionality that was available in 8.9 will be available in 9.0. As the cutover happens, all existing training documents will be updated that are online on the various supporting office websites, including Admissions, Cashiers and Collections, Financial Aid and Scholarships, UMKC Central, International Student Affairs as well as Registration and Records by Monday, November 19th.

For additional questions please contact Doug Swink at or via phone at 816-235-1215.

Information about the v9.0 upgrade

Faculty changes in v9.0
As with any new version of software, there are elements that change providing enhanced access, ease of usability and increased security. This software upgrade to version 9.0 is no different. Below are some of the changes that faculty, specifically advisors, will encounter once the upgrade is complete on November 20, 2012.

◦New menu navigation
◦Changes to the process for removing an advising hold
◦Process to enter grades
◦Class roster access
◦Enhanced access to advisee's student information - new functionality will allow advisors to use the same pages that students use, which will include more data options than currently available
Staff changes in v9.0
Upgrading Pathway to version 9.0 will bring staff a new navigation as already available in the Human Resource PeopleSoft database. The new functionality will also allow for enhanced access on pages and increased security over the data. Below are some of the changes that staff will encounter once the upgrade is complete on November 20, 2012.

◦New menu navigation
◦Education page changes - this page offers a total redesign of the data
◦Changes to student groups allowing for more enhanced security
◦Changes to student service indicators allowing for more enhanced security

Student changes in v9.0
The Pathway upgrade to version 9.0 offers enhanced access with the addition of new pages and new navigation functionality. The menu navigation will offer a more user-friendly experience for students while using Pathway. Below are some of the changes that students will gain once the upgrade is complete on November 20, 2012.

◦New menu navigation
◦Enrollment functionality will change
◦Addition of course history page
◦Enhanced grade page



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