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SEARCH Students & Mentors: 2013-2014

Student Mentor Department Project Title
Christel Highland Elijah Gowin Art & Art History The Permacolor Project
Urooge Boda Marilyn Yoder Biological Sciences Protein Purification and Crystallization of Putative Bacillus subtilis uronase
Tanner Buehler Marilyn Yoder Biological Sciences Cloning and Purification of Glycoside Hydrolase Epulopscium
Brandon Helm Leonard Dobens Biological Sciences Structure/Function Analysis of Tribbles in Cell Growth
Catherine Joice Leonard Dobens Biological Sciences Role of Bunched and Cut in Cell Migration
David Nahlik Marilyn Yoder Biological Sciences Finding a Substrate for Bacillus subtilis uronase
Zachary Sebo Leonard Dobens Biological Sciences Exploring a Novel Link Between ER Stress Response and Insulin Resistance
Petra Wallenmeyer Xiabo Chen Chemistry Preparation of Nanocrystalline ZnS for Investigation of Performance in Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation and Dye Decomposition
Ryan Holmes ZhiQiang Chen Civil & Mechanical Engineering Behavior of Lead Rubber Bearings at Low Shear Strains
Jonathan Lamanes Ceki Halmen Civil & Mechanical Engineering Reinforcement Corrosion in Two Layered Concrete
Amanda Leipard Megan Hart Civil & Mechanical Engineering GIS Representations of Froude Number Comparisons of a Prototype and Physical Model
Beth Ann Marten Ye Wang Communication Studies Reading Education Assistance Dogs (R.E.A.D.): Battling Illiteracy One Child at a Time
Sydney Ingram Jennifer Frangos English Publishing Alice: The Evolution of Children's Literature in Victorian England
Taylor Stoddard Jennifer Frangos English A Tale of Two Femininities
Dontez Clark Dave Newell Geosciences Abnormal Subsurface Temperautes and Geothermal Gradients in Southeastern Kansas
Robyn Daniels Tina Niemi Geosciences Investigating the Method of Varve Counting as a Mechanism of Dating Features within the Dead Sea Evaporative Sequence
John MacBride Julie Urbanik Geosciences Can Algaculture Work for Missouri?
Tori Rose Tina Niemi Geosciences Archeoseismic Evidence of Pre-6th Century CE Earthquakes along the Wadi Arabah Fault at Qasr Tilah, Jordan
Darrin Wilson Tina Niemi Geosciences Paleoenvironmental Proxies from Abandoned Aqueducts and Reservoirs at the Qasr Tilah Archaeological Site in Jordan
Joshua Cook Daniel McIntosh Physics & Astronomy Disturbed Galaxy Populations in UDS from 0.6<z<2.5
Zachary Rizer Daniel McIntosh Physics & Astronomy Evolutionary Trends of Visually Selected Spheroidal Galaxies from Redshift 0.6 to 2.5
Mallory Tackett Paul Rulis Physics & Astronomy Optimizing an Artificial Neural Net for Ab Initio Electronic Structure Calculations
Babajide Ajisafe Mona Lyne/Clovis Semmes Political Science / Black Studies "Etta Moten Sings": Black Women, Politics, and Afro-dimensionality
Harsh Desai Mona Lyne Political Science Analyzing Trends in US Democracy Promotion: The Role of USAID
Morgan Andrews Janette Berkley-Patton Psychology Understanding STD-Related Stigma in the African American Church Community
Megan Hanegahdar Amanda Bruce Psychology Differential Rate of Low Response Enforcement and Innovative Child Impulsivity Task
Samantha Harris Kimberly Bennett Psychology Barriers to Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation among Patients at Truman Medical Center
John Kaleekal Robin Aupperle Psychology Understanding Approach-Avoidance Processing, Anxiety, and Cardiac Function
Amanda Lopez Jennifer Lundgren Psychology The Examination of Male Perceived body Image and Muscle Dysmorphia
Krystal Rivera Carolyn Barber Psychology The Effects of Parental Influences on Children's Anxiety and Achievement
Emma Winkler Jennifer Hauberman Sociology An Anthropological Study of the Haunted Houses in Kansas City, Kansas
Tyler Dunstan Massimiliano Vitiello Religious Studies Early Interpretations of the Destruction of Jerusalem Temple in 70 CE and the Parting of the Ways between Judaism and Christianity


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