Serve 2 Learn

Service-Learning Courses

UMKC is connected and engaged with Kansas City communities through many innovative faculty and student projects. On this page, UMKC Service Learning keeps a running list of courses with a significant community engagement component for three purposes: 1) To help students interested in learning in a community context know where to look for courses. 2) To give visibility to the faculty members who embrace this teaching methodology. 3) To help Kansas City community organizations conceptualize possible ways of connecting with UMKC. Please note this list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive. Some of the courses have utilized UMKC Service-Learning or Serve 2 Learn and others have not.  To bring together the list, faculty members share basic information about their courses with UMKC Service Learning. 


Faculty wanting more information on how to get started with service-learning - contact Alexis at or 816.235.5872.


Faculty - if your course is not listed, and you would like it to be, please email Alexis Petri ( ).


Spring Semester 2012

  • CJC 470WI - Capstone: Criminal Justice and Criminology
  • DH 3340- Principles of Public Health
  • DH 4220-Community Oral Health Field Experiences
  • ECON 336 - The Kansas City Economy
  • ENGL 110 - Introduction to Academic Prose (Cross, Jordan, Petri)
  • ENGL 225 - Intermediate Academic Prose (Kline)
  • ENGL 214 - Introduction to Fiction (Tascio)
  • ENGL 433/5533 - Histories of Reading, Writing, and Publishing: medieval Women's Literacies (option)
  • HLSC 230 - Issues in Aging
  • NURS 230 - Issues in Aging
  • PSY 428 - Applied Advanced Child Development
  • PSYCH 5530 - Addressing Health Disparities through Community-based Participatory Research
  • SOC 313 - Sociology of the Aging Woman