• Chancellor Leo Morton and mascot Kasey Roo
  • little boy in scouting uniform
  • Kasey Roo mascot touches head to UMKC student
  • Children's Mercy Park sign
  • Kasey Roo mascot hugs little girl
  • Kasey Roo mascot talks to UMKC Provost
  • woman at microphone with fireworks in background
  • Chancellor Leo Morton with referees and student on field
  • shot of soccer field with players on it from behind goal
  • stadium big screen with players hugging and blue confetti in front of it
  • shot of people in stadium seats with UMKC sign above them
  • UMKC students hugging with Kasey Roo mascot
  • little girl looking at Kasey Roo mascot
  • soccer players on field in front of goal
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