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Personal Wellness

Important Information

Before you take advantage of any of the exciting recreational and fitness activities at the Swinney Recreation Center, we urge you to consult your physician regarding your ability and preparedness to participate in the various activities offered. The University assumes that users of the center have verified their health/fitness with their personal physicians and that they assume their own risk in participating.

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Body Composition Assessment (BOD POD)

The BOD POD is used to assess your body composition (percentage of fat and percentage of lean muscle). A computer printout displays your results, the recommended ranges of body fat and estimated RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) and TEE (Total Energy Expenditure).


$35 – one BOD POD assessment
$120 – Package of four BOD POD assessments

*All services are by appointment only

*How to prepare for BOD POD appointments and what to expect upon arrival:

     *BOD POD Informational Sheet 

*Appointments are available Mondays and Fridays between 8a - 10a and 1p - 3p and Tuesdays between 2p - 7p.

Please contact our Wellness Coordinator at 816-235-5425 or email with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of diabetes

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Personalized Exercise Program (PEP)

After completing a health history form, our certified staff will develop an individualized exercise program that helps you meet your goals and complement your interest and current level of fitness.  You will receive instruction on proper warm-up and cool-down activities, exercise technique and selected equipment in the fitness center. A BOD POD Assessment is included in this session. Programs can be designed to assist in reduction of body fat, enhance cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone or strength and flexibility.

Fee: $70.00*
*All services are by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Please contact the fitness testing center at 816-235-5425 with questions or to schedule an appointment.

Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of heart disease

personal training

Personal Training Session

Once we’ve worked with you to develop a personalized exercise program, you may want some additional individual attention to keep you motivated and focused. The personal trainer will meet with you as you work out, make adjustments to your program, provide feedback and help you establish good exercise technique. Personal training sessions are one hour in length and include continued instruction in topics relevant to your goals.

$10 Equipment Orientation (30 min)

$45 for personal training session (one-hour)

$30 for personal training session (30 min)
**$180 for package of five, one-hour personal training sessions**

Group Training Sessions

$20/person for 1 hour training (3 or more participants)

$15/person for 30 minute training (3 or more participants)

$60 1 hour partner training (2 participants)

$40 30 minute partner training (2 participants)




Fitness facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of injury, back pain and arthritis

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Fitness Testing Center

The SRC Fitness Testing Center will provide a complete evaluation of your physical fitness and assistance in planning your workouts.
For more information call 816-235-5425.


By appointment, Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Personal Fitness Evaluations:

Personalized exercise program (PEP)
Includes: 90 minute session–personalized exercise program and a BOD POD assessment
Personal training session (1 hour session) $40
Package of five, one-hour personal training sessions $160
BOD POD Body Composition Assessment $35
Package of four BOD POD Assessments $120

Fitness Facts

Benefits of lifting weights:
~ Reduce risk of osteoporosis

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