Swinney Recreation Center

swinney staff

Swinney Professional Staff

John Aust

Aquatic and Service Center Manager
Phone: 816-235-2796

James Byland

Assistant Director, Recreational Facilities and Building Operations
Phone: 816-235-2615

Roland Hemmings

Administrative Assistant
Phone: 816-235-2712

Shannon Hutsler

Wellness Coordinator
Phone: 816-235-5425

Marsha Pirtle

Director of Recreational Services and Facilities
Phone: 816-235-2712

Carrie Schmalz

Administrative Associate II–Membership
Phone: 816-235-1556

Tom Schultz

Associate Director, Recreational Services and Campus Recreation
Phone: 816-235-2712

Brian Westhues

Intramurals Sports Manager
Phone: 816-235-2719

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