Starr Symposium Day of Learning

Boot Camp sessions

Doranne Hudson, M.B.A.

Building Social Capital

We know “power is in who you know,” yet many people struggle with building the high-quality networks they need to get things done and to move ahead. This session explores myths in network development, discusses recent research and best practices, and provides a framework for analyzing your own social capital. It concludes with concrete ideas and tools for strengthening your networks for more effective leadership.


Julie Warm, Ph.D.

What’s Next?

You may be done with… your degree… career… present job … raising children. Ready or not, you are moving into a new life phase. But what? This session is designed to help you identify your next life purpose and contributions. You will learn different techniques for discovering your passions – new or long dormant. It ends with a few key skills for advocacy that will serve you well.


Joan Gallos, Ph.D.

Identifying the Leader Within

We all have potential to make a difference if we understand our talents and how to use them. This session provides opportunities for you to diagnose your leadership preferences and strengths and to develop a plan for rounding out your leadership “flat sides.” You will leave with increased self-knowledge, confidence in your skills and styles, and direction for your ongoing leadership development.


Sandra Kruse-Smith, M.A.

The Real Power of ‘You’

Successful professionals know that they won’t get ahead by just doing a good job. They must project a professional presence that is memorable, impressive, and credible. In this session you will learn how to build allegiances through an understanding and use of impression management and how to create a persona that allows you to move easily through the world with calmness and confidence.


Mary Corcoran, Ph.D.

Reclaiming Your Priorities

Getting what you want requires focus, creativity, and drive. Goal-setting skills are the basis for good leadership. Identify the strategies you need to pump up your top-priority goals, and develop specific action steps to visualize end results. Learn to harness your energy and time for your identified goals. Re-work old, self-limiting beliefs and focus on motivating your own performance. In this session, you will define your goals and fine-tune your inner leadership tools to begin accomplishing things that matter.


Marita Barkis, Ph.D.

Message to Self: Shaping the Inner World for Success in the Outer World

Internal and external messages can impact our ability to deal with the challenges that often come in our evolution toward leadership. In this session we will explore some of the most common hang-ups such as “fear of failure”, “fear of success,” and work-life tension. We’ll also consider some fresh ideas to help move beyond these difficulties and realize the leaders that we are meant to be..