Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

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Division Annual Report

The Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management is pleased to share the 2013-2014 Annual Report. The report highlight the many initiatives and accomplishments of our offices as we work toward achieving the University's Strategic Plan.  

The Annual Report cannot possibly include every accomplishment of every office; therefore we have included below the reports for each individual office.  We hope you will take some time to explore this site and learn more about how the Division "places student success at the center."

Please click here to download the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Office Annual Reports

Academic Support and Mentoring

The mission of Academic Support and Mentoring (previously known as the Center for Academic Development) is to promote educational access, retention, and academic excellence for students of all ages throughout our campus, our community, and the world.

ASM developed the innovative academic support program, Supplemental Instruction, and now houses the International Center for SI.  It is also home to the Video-based SI program that provides a unique learning experience for UMKC students as well as rural high-school students.  In addition, individual tutoring for math and science courses is available through the Math and Science Resource Center.  ASM also administers an AmeriCorps grant, Jumpstart, which pairs UMKC students with preschool children to help them get an early start on learning. 

Please click here to download the Academic Support and Mentoring 2013-2014 Annual Report.


The mission of the Office of Admissions is to serve as the initial contact and establish relationships through recruiting, admitting, and welcoming a diverse student body and community while providing excellent customer service.

Admissions collaborates with each academic unit as well as many campus departments on recruiting efforts such as our Freshmen and Transfer Orientations, Campus Visit Days, admitted student receptions, High School and Community College counselor visit programs, “Make High School Count” presentations, and many other events both on and off campus.

Please click here to download the Office of Admissions 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Career Services

The mission of Career Services is to empower students and others to successfully develop, evaluate, and initiate career planning and professional development within a constantly changing work environment.  In addition, Career Services embraces diversity in all forms and strives to be an inclusive community that fosters an open, enlightened, and productive environment.

Career Services is a centralized career development office dedicated to offering comprehensive and relevant career development programming. Services offered include individual career counseling and exploration appointments and workshops, outreach and professional development workshops/ events, networking opportunities for students and employers to connect in a variety of venues, and diverse online career resources to meet our constituents’ needs, including Roo Career Network.

Please click here to download the Career Services 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Counseling, Health, Testing, and Disability Services

The mission of Counseling, Health, Testing, and Disability Services is to provide high quality and comprehensive psychological, health, testing, and disability services which support the personal and academic potential of individuals and programs in a diverse campus community.
  • The Counseling Center provides a full range of assessment, psychological, crisis and risk consultation, substance abuse prevention, and programming services to our campus community.  The Center is a nationally accredited training program for doctoral interns in the field of counseling and clinical psychology.  Additionally, the Center serves as a key partner on the University's Case Management Team for assisting at-risk students. 

  • Please click here to download the Counseling Center 2013-2014 Annual Report.

  • Student Health and Wellness (SHW) provides primary health care to students including treating acute and stable chronic illnesses, acute and preventative women's health care, allergy shots and immunizations, and a student pharmacy.  Student Health and Wellness also provides Health Promotions outreach presentations for the campus community and is a partner with Counseling to provide the MindBody Connection to our students.

  • Please click here to download the Student Health and Wellness 2013-2014 Annual Report.

  • Testing Services serves the entire campus community by administering national standardized admissions examinations, licensure and certification examinations, and university assessments in conjunction with the UMKC Office of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning.

    Please click here to download the Testing Services 2013-2014 Annual Report.

  • The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) assists the campus community in providing equal access to all educational opportunities.  OSSD coordinates accommodations with instructors and utilizes new and available technologies as needed.  The Office also works closely with the Disability Services Advisory Board to ensure our campus continues to meet the needs of all our students.

  • Please click here to download the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

The mission of the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (FASO) is to connect students with the financial resources they need to succeed, provide an effective process to do so, and work with our constituents for the benefit of our institution and community.

The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office achieves this mission by conducting outreach activities with prospective students, their families, and with other community organizations.  The Office also works closely with university personnel to ensure financial aid resources are strategically utilized to help reach enrollment and retention goals.

Please click here to download the Financial Aid and Scholarships 2013-2014 Annual Report.

International Student Affairs

The mission of the International Student Affairs Office (ISAO) is to recruit, admit, orient, advise, and retain international students and scholars for the University of Missouri--Kansas City.

International Student Affairs increases the globalization of our campus--from supporting our international students and scholars to sharing cultures from around the world with our campus community. The ISAO staff assists international students by advising them on personal, academic and immigration issues, and creating programming to introduce them to the opportunities awaiting them here.  International Student Affairs welcomes and celebrates international students and scholars from all continents and more than 80 countries, contributing greatly to the diversity of our campus.  As international students share their unique attributes and cultural perspectives with our campus community, the university engages in developing cultural competency for all UMKC students, a necessary skill that prepares UMKC graduates to thrive in a global world. 

Please click here to download the International Student Affairs 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Multicultural Student Affairs

The mission of the Multicultural Student Affairs Office (MSA) is to enhance the student experience by creating diverse programming, nurturing relationships across campus and in the community, and addressing academic and social needs in an effort to provide an inclusive campus environment that supports students of color. 

Multicultural Student Affairs seeks to collaboratively educate, empower and engage the campus wide community on the multicultural experience. We achieve this through providing leadership to multicultural students organizations to ensure relevant cultural programming is present campus wide, partnering with various campus constituents to weave the experiences of multicultural students into the fabric of the institution and serve a an additional support system to the overall growth, development and success of our students.

Please click here to download the Multicultural Student Affairs 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Registration and Records

The mission of Registration and Records is to provide accurate and professional registration and records services to ensure the integrity of official student records while enforcing academic policies.

UMKC’s Registration and Records Office is an integral part of student enrollment management at all stages of a student's career at UMKC.  The office coordinates class scheduling, course registration, transcripts, VA benefits administration, credential checks, transfer credit evaluations, academic policies and catalog updates, enrollment verifications, student records, diplomas, and management of the PeopleSoft student module.  The Office also works closely with the Academic Advisors and collaborates with the Division of Academic Affairs on several key issues related to academic policies and procedures.

Please click here to download the Registration and Records 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Residential Life

The mission of Residential Life is to promote student development by creating inclusive and safe living environments that foster student success both personally and academically.

Residential Life offers students multiple opportunities to engage with the University by living right on campus.  Residential facilities house over 1,600 students in a diverse living atmosphere and provide support, resources, and programming not only to help those students succeed in their classes but to also have a well-rounded experience at UMKC.

Please click here to download the Residential Life 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Student Involvement

The mission of the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) is to be an open and welcoming space for all students and colleagues, to create co-curricular experience that compliments the academic mission of the institution, to foster positive relationships with our campus and greater Kansas City communities, and to encourage innovation and best practices.

The Office of Student Involvement provides comprehensive co-curricular activities and programs designed to engage all students with the university and with our urban community.  OSI advises nearly 300 student organizations and supports opportunities for students to participate in leadership development, fraternity and sorority affairs, the Union Programming Board, Communiversity, Student Government, LGBTQIA Programs & Services, and community service initiatives and programs. 

Please click here to download the Student Involvement 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Swinney Recreation Center

The mission of the Swinney Recreation Center (SRC) is to develop healthy lifestyles through leisure activities by providing diverse recreational opportunities to the University community within an environment that values and embraces individual differences.

The Center offers students and its members an array of personal fitness options, including aerobics classes, fitness center, 25-yard indoor/outdoor swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms, bicycle check-out, kinesis equipment, intramural sports, bod pod body mass indexing system, racquetball and squash ball courts, eighth-mile indoor track, outdoor track, five basketball courts, and outdoor soccer/recreational stadium.  The Center also operates an annex at the Hospital Hill campus. 

Please click here to download the Swinney Recreation Center 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Student Union and Student Success Center Operations

The mission of the Student Union is to provide a welcoming, sustainable environment that values the diversity of all students and encourages collaboration and understanding through formal and informal associations.

The mission of the Atterbury Student Success Center is to provide high-quality, integrated, and responsive services that promote students’ academic and personal success in support of our retention and graduation goals. The Center will provide for a more collaborative and effective delivery of academic advising, tutoring, career counseling, transfer support, and other services to meet the diverse needs of our students now and in the future.

Please click here to download the Student Union Operations 2013-2014 Annual Report.

Women's Center

The mission of the Women's Center is to advocate, educate, and provide support services for the advancement of women's equity on campus and within the community at large.

In support of this mission, the Women's Center provides a number of educational programs on campus and in the community to raise awareness of women's and gender issues.  The Center also manages a grant from the Department of Justice for UMKC's Violence Prevention and Response Project by offering victim support services, advocacy, training, education, and outreach. The UMKC Women’s Center was founded in 1971 and is one of the oldest campus women’s centers in the United States.

Please click here to download the Women's Center 2013-2014 Annual Report.