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Safety and Security

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Keeping UMKC safe

UMKC has one of the lowest rates of serious crimes of any University in the country.  We also have fewer drug- and alcohol-related crimes than most other colleges and universities.  With a campus police department that is staffed 24 hours a day and 98 emergency telephones located across campus, your safety is a priority.  UMKC is safe because faculty, students and staff approach campus safety as a shared responsibility.

Read the Campus Safety and Crime Report.


Multiple Campus Notification Methods

UMKC Alert includes e-mails, notices on UMKC's website and notices to radio and television news media.  Anyone with a UMKC ID can sign up for emergency text and voice messaging through UMKC Alert, another way UMKC dispatches emergency alerts.

Find out more about UMKC Alert.

A Professional Police Department

This staff of commissioned police officers cover the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact them at 816-235-1515 to report community member behaviors that are of concern.

Learn about the UMKC Police Department

Emergency Phones

UMKC's emergency phones are located beneath blue lights in parking and walking areas all across campus.  You can also use these boxes to ask for directions or to report a crime or accident.  Here's how they work:

  • Push the button on the blue box and talk into the speaker
  • You'll automatically be in touch with the campus police

Card Swipe Process in the Residence Halls

Only residents of each hall have access to locked doors.  Residents must sign in their guests and show their IDs when entering the building.

Learn more about hall safety

What to do if you see unusual, threatening, or dangerous behavior

Safety concerns should always be reported. Here's where to start:

  • Contact the UMKC Police at 816-235-1515 or 911 in the case of an emergency. You can make a confidential report through the Silent Witness program.
  • Contact the University Helpline at 816-235-2222. This is the primary office where students can report suspicious or threatening behavior, or concerns about fellow students.