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The University of Missouri-Kansas City offers Aetna Student Health Insurance. The policy can be purchased annually or by semester.

This plan is optional for domestic students and students on visas other than F-1 and J-1. For International Students on F-1 and J-1 visas, coverage is mandatory (unless eligible for a waiver) and automatic upon academic enrollment.

To view or download the current Domestic Plan Highlights, click here.

To view or download the current International Plan Highlights, click here.

UMKC offers this plan because we believe that all students should have health insurance coverage.

Note: All UMKC students are eligible to use Student Health and Wellness regardless of their insurance status. When necessary, Student Health can refer students to a specialist in their insurance network.

For information regarding this plan, visit the Aetna Student Health Website. Domestic students may enroll on-line or by phone. Students already enrolled may access their account from the Aetna Student Health Navigator.


As an International Student, am I insured?

All International students are insured. The cashier's office charges the fee to your student account every semester. It may take awhile to get your insurance card. The health insurance is through Aetna Student Health.

Why do I need an insurance card?

It is extremely important to always carry your insurance card with you. You will be asked to present it at an office visit, pharmacy, emergency room, or hospital before you receive care.

Do I need to have insurance to be seen at Student Health & Wellness?

You do NOT need to be insured to be seen at Student Health & Wellness. As long as you are currently enrolled, there is no charge to be seen. However, your insurance may cover charges incurred at Student Health.

What do all those insurance terms mean?

  • Deductable - A deductible is the specific amount of Covered Medical Expenses that must be incurred and paid for by the Covered Person before benefits are payable under the Plan. Deductible amounts are the responsibility of the Covered Person.
  • Co-Insurance - The percentage of Covered Medical Expenses payable by Aetna under the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Referrals - If you are seen at UMKC Student Health & Wellness and need specialist care or other care, you will receive a referral to a specialist. You can see a specialist without a referral, but the deductible amount will be higher.
  • Preferred Provider - A health care provider who is in the Aetna Network (also called in-network). If you are referred through Student Health, you will receive a list of Aetna preferred providers. You can also find this list of providers in the Aetna network in "DocFind" on the Aetna website. The co-insurance is higher with an out-of-network or non-preferred provider.

What is the prescription benefit with the Aetna Student Health Plan?

Specific plan details for domestic and international students are found on the Aetna website. Take your insurance card with you when you go to the pharmacy.

How do I use the Aetna Student Health Plan outside of Student Health & Wellness (other provider or referral)?

  • Take your insurance card with you to the office visit.
  • The office will bill Aetna for your charges.
  • You will receive a letter from Aetna stating what they paid (Explanation of Benefits) and what your costs are. Aetna will pay the office directly.
  • You will receive a second bill from the Provider office for the deductible or co-pay (fees not paid by insurance), you must pay this bill. Some offices will ask that you pay the co-pay at the time of service.

Where may I get more assistance with insurance?

Where can I get a temporary insurance card?

You may print a temporary insurance card by visiting the Aetna Student Health website and enter your student ID number & date of birth; then click "VIEW CARD".