Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowships

Three Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowships may be awarded each year in the areas of law, business, and arts and sciences.


The Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowship in Law is awarded to an outstanding student in the School of Law’s LL.M. program. This fellowship includes a stipend, pays for non-resident fees if applicable, as well as nine hours a semester of graduate law education fees.

Business and Public Administration

The Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowship in Business and Public Administration* is awarded to an outstanding student in one of three graduate programs in the Henry W. Bloch School of Business and Public Administration or to an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. student who has Public Affairs and Administration as his or her coordinating discipline.

Arts and Sciences

The Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowship in Arts and Sciences* is awarded to an outstanding student in the Ph.D. in Psychology degree program or to an outstanding Interdisciplinary Ph.D. student who has one of the disciplines housed in the College of Arts and Sciences as his or her coordinating discipline.

* The Fellowships in Business and Public Administration and Arts and Sciences include a stipend and nine hours a semester of graduate education fees.


First year graduate students and previous Arthur Mag Graduate Fellows will be given preference and a high level of academic achievement is required. Personality, good citizenship, commitment to community service, and potential to contribute to programs in the Kansas City area are also considered in the selection process.

About Arthur Mag

Shortly after graduating from Yale Law School in 1920, Arthur Mag came to Kansas
City and began working at Rozzelle, Vineyard, Thatcher & Boys and became full partner by 1924. The firm later become Stinson, Mag and Fizzell, a leading law firm in Kansas City.
Through his efforts, multiple trusts were brought together for administrative purposes and the Kansas City Association of Trusts and Foundations was formed. This allowed trusts to be dedicated to providing for the public benefit of the citizens of Kansas City as determined by the University of Kansas City Trustees. This concept was an original idea in the development of trusts as it gave the University of Kansas City Board of Trustees the authority to use the proceeds of the trusts for the changing needs of the public. He laid the ground work for not-for-profit institutions to flourish and grow. Not only was Mag a founding Trustee of the University of Kansas City, but he was also instrumental in founding the Midwest Research Institute and Menorah Medical Institute. Mag continued in his service to the Kansas City community until his death on Oct. 23, 1981.











Meet an Arthur Mag Graduate Fellow

Abigail Rose Ness

Abigail Rose Ness
Recipient of the Arthur Mag Graduate Fellowship in Psychology

How has the Arthur Mag Fellowship assisted you with your current research?
The Arthur Mag Fellowship has assisted with my research by enabling me to focus mainly on my dissertation this upcoming year. I am so thankful that this has afforded me extra time to work on my project and I hope to be able to collect all my data and possibly defend my dissertation prior to leaving for internship.

What research are you currently engaged in?
I am primarily involved in research for my dissertation. I am examining biopsychosocial differences between healthy weight and overweight/obese patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). I am also examining how healthy weight and overweight/obese MS patients think weight impacts disease progression and make health behavior decisions. Additionally, I am also involved in a research at KU medical center examining the impact of exercise on cognitive function in patients with MS.

What are your career goals following graduation?
Following graduation, I hope to work as a clinical health psychologist at a VA hospital or research medical center. I am interested in providing psychological treatments for obesity, autoimmune illness, or substance addiction.