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The vast majority of the film footage in the Edgar Snow Paper came from the production of his documentary, "One Fourth of Humanity". The film,  was in fair condition but without any order, and consisted of three types of footage: original film from which the final product was cut; dubbed footage from which came the edited work-print (a master print used to model the final product); and the final production footage. Only the original footage and the final production footage have been included in this inventory, with the dubbed footage placed in storage. The original and final footage have been edited into 1200 foot reels and appropriate portions were video taped. The final Master film (the master positive from which a new negative is made) was not video taped, nor was the sound track footage which has been separately transferred to 1/4 inch tape and cassettes. A list of the 1200 foot reels is available upon request. A log of the video tapes which follows serves as the detailed record of the contents of the film.

Video tape logTable of Contents

Approximately fifteen hours of film have been recorded onto ten video tape cassettes. The footage has been divided into groups based upon the nature of the film, (i.e. final form product or outtakes), or the format, (i.e. 35mm, 16mm, 8mm). The first three tapes are essentially identical and represent different versions of the final product. Most of the remainder of the footage is original film from which segments were cut -- outtakes of discarded scenes not used in the final product. Some of the outtakes may be as short as a few seconds and parts of the same segment may be found in several places on several tapes. There is a great deal of duplication of materials. Consistent abbreviation and description has been attempted throughout the log. When possible, comments reflecting the relationship among segments have been provided. Time notations are approximate and are intended to serve as a location guide only.

Tape vt001, reels 53, 63, 54 -- Release Print (16mm)Table of Contents

One of the final versions of the film is the release print which by definition is the one ‘released’ for viewing. Edgar Snow had reworked "One Fourth of Humanity" several times for different audiences. Whether this is an early or later edition is not known. Moreover, it is evident that this footage was used and had been repaired at some time in its life. Portions of the film may have been lost in that process.

tape/time event comment
01/00:00:39 copyright warning  
01/00:00:50 UMKC slate  
01/00:01:03 Edgar Snow reel 53 slate  
01/00:02:04 reel 53 begins  
01/00:27:27 end  
01/00:28:35 Edgar Snow reel 63 slate  
01/00:29:07 reel 63 begins  
01/00:47:43 end  
01/00:49:18 Edgar Snow reel 54 slate  
01/00:49:52 reel 54 begins  
01/01:18:40 credits begin  
01/01:19:28 end  
01/01:20:00 end of tape slate  


Tape vt002, reels 60, 61, 62 -- 16mm answer printTable of Contents

An answer print is a ‘draft’ of the film made for review prior to the final form being produced. Several answer prints may be created in the process of the final editing. There is no documentation to determine whether this was the first, last, or one of a number of answer prints made. It does, however, represent one version of the film during its creation.

tape/time event comment
02/00:00:34 copyright warning  
02/00:00:46 UMKC slate  
02/00:01:00 Edgar Snow reel 60 slate  
02/00:01:46 reel 60 begins  
02/00:02:38 One-Fourth of Humanity title  
02/00:28:47 end  
02/00:29:32 Edgar Snow reel 61 slate  
02/00:30:18 reel 61 begins  
02/00:49:45 end  
02/00:51:27 Edgar Snow reel 62 slate  
02/00:52:15 reel 62 begins  
02/01:21:05 credits begin  
02/01:22:06 end  
02/01:22:45 end of tape slate  


Tape vt003, reels 64, 65, 66 -- Edited Work-print (16mm).Table of Contents

The work-print is a ‘model’ for the final film. A black and white copy of all the original footage is made, then cut and pieced together into the work-print. Once this print is refined to a satisfactory form, the original footage is cut and pieced to conform to it. The work-print is substantially identical to the final version of the film except that it lacks sound and has editing marks.

tape/time event comment
03/00:00:40 copyright warning  
03/00:00:42 UMKC slate  
03/00:00:56 Edgar Snow reel 64 slate  
03/00:01:40 reel 64 begins  
03/00:02:06 blank  
03/00:02:15 One-Fourth of Humanity title  
03/00:06:44 blank  
03/00:06:52 returns no sound
03/00:28:35 end  
03/00:28:55 Edgar Snow reel 65 slate  
03/00:29:47 reel 65 begins  
03/00:49:08 end  
03/00:49:52 Edgar Snow reel 66 slate  
03/00:50:20 reel 66 begins  
03/01:15:26 blank  
03/01:15:38 returns  
03/01:20:34 end  
03/01:21:11 end of tape slate  

Table of Contents

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