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This section consists of personal, business, and general correspondence. Special correspondence regarding Indusco, the International School of America, World Law Fund, manuscripts, and the film documentary, "One Fourth of Humanity," are located elsewhere in the collection. It is possible, however, to find related correspondence for these subjects in the general correspondence. Descriptive notes highlight the contents of certain folders but may not fully detail the material in the folders.

The bulk of this section is arranged chronologically from 1928 to 1972. Minimal correspondence from 1974, undated correspondence, and letter fragments are located at the end of the section. Throughout this section there are also subject groupings. Edgar Snow himself may not have assigned all these subject headings; some may have been assigned by the individuals Lois Snow hired to process the papers. Regardless, the groupings have been retained and placed in the listing chronologically.

General CorrespondenceTable of Contents

Folder 1. Correspondence 1928-29
includes correspondence related to ship voyage articles

Folder 2. Correspondence 1930
includes correspondence with Horace Epes, Consolidated Press

Folder 3. Correspondence 1931
includes correspondence with Horace Epes

Folder 4. Mrs. William Brown Meloney, N.Y. Herald Tribune, 1931-34

Folder 5. Correspondence 1932
includes correspondence with Horace Epes

Folder 6. Correspondence 1933
includes letter to Soong Ching-ling and correspondence relating to life in Peking, marriage to Helen Foster, the Consolidated Press, and Far Eastern Front

Folder 7. Correspondence 1934
includes correspondence relating to a Guggenheim fellowship request, job search, and correspondence with Richard Walsh of Asia magazine

Folder 8. Family history 1934-58, 1964, 1970, 1983

Folder 9. Correspondence 1935
includes correspondence with Richard Walsh, Agnes Smedley, and Horace Epes

Folder 10. Correspondence 1936
includes letters discussing plans for a trip to Red areas and experiences at the Front with the Red Army; correspondence with George "Shag" Hatem; includes Hatem’s manuscript, "Chiang Kai-shek’s Arrest"

Folder 11. Correspondence 1937
includes correspondence with James Bertram, The Daily Herald, Nelson Johnson, Agnes Smedley and Henriette Herz regarding Red Star Over China

Folder 12. Correspondence 1938
includes correspondence with James Bertram, Earl Browder (Secretary, Communist Party of America), Henriette Herz, Soong Ching-ling, and correspondence regarding Red Star Over China and the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives

Folder 13. Evans and Peggy Carlson 1938, 1945, 1947, 1951

The 1939 correspondence includes letters regarding the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives and correspondence with James Bertram and Agnes Smedley.

Folder 14. Correspondence Jan. 14-June 28, 1939

Folder 15. Correspondence July 1-Dec. 30, 1939

Folder 16. Correspondence 1940, 1944
includes correspondence with Richard Walsh, and Henriette Herz and correspondence regarding the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives and CIC articles

Folder 17. Correspondence 1941
includes correspondence with Martin Sommers of The Saturday Evening Post, Henry Luce, and the American Writers Congress

Folder 18. Correspondence 1942
includes correspondence with Henriette Herz, Ralph D. Paine, Jr. (managing editor of Fortune), and a transcription of a letter written by Chou En-lai

Folder 19. Correspondence 1943-44
includes correspondence with Soong Ching-ling

Folder 20. Correspondence 1945

Folder 21. Correspondence 1946

Folder 22. Correspondence 1946-47, 1965, 1969, 1970
between Anna Martens, Edgar Snow, and Agnes Smedley

Folder 23. Saturday Evening Post 1946-48

Folder 24. Correspondence 1947

Folder 25. Correspondence 1948-49
includes correspondence with Maud Russell, Agnes Smedley, and the Committee for Democratic Far Eastern Policy and Committee newsletters

Folder 26. Correspondence 1949-70
with Agnes Smedley and correspondence regarding her books and estate

Folder 27. Correspondence 1950

Folder 28. Correspondence 1951

The correspondence for 1952-56 includes discussion of the Senator Joseph McCarthy Hearings for the House Un-American Activities Committee and Snow’s questioning by the FBI.

Folder 29. Correspondence 1952
includes correspondence with Yoko Matsuoka and Daryll Berrigan

Folder 30. Correspondence 1953
includes correspondence with Yoko Matsuoka

Folder 31. Correspondence 1953-56

Folder 32. Correspondence 1954
includes correspondence with Daryll Berrigan and Natalie Crouter

Folder 33. Correspondence Jan. 5-June 27, 1955

Folder 34. Correspondence July 2-Dec. 15, 1955

Folder 35. Correspondence 1956

Folder 36. Correspondence 1957

The 1958 correspondence includes correspondence with Random House, Jarahawral Nehru, and the manuscript for Snow’s unpublished children’s story, "Where Blue Begins and Ends".

Folder 37. Correspondence Jan. 2-Sept. 29, 1958

Folder 38. Correspondence Oct. 1-Dec. 30, 1958

The 1959 correspondence includes correspondence with The International School, Random House, Victor Gollancz, and Cary and Iris McWilliams.

Folder 39. Correspondence Jan. 1-July 29, 1959

Folder 40. Correspondence Aug. 5-Dec. 25, 1959

Folder 41. Correspondence 1960
includes correspondence with Kung Peng, and letters to Chou En-lai and Marshal Chu Teh

Folder 42. British Broadcasting Corporation 1960-71

Folder 43. Colston Leigh Lectures 1960-62

Folder 44. Correspondence 1961
includes correspondence with Yao Wei and Kung Peng

Folder 45. Correspondence 1961-66
includes correspondence with Yoko Matsuoka and other associates in Japan regarding articles

Folder 46. Han Suyin 1961-71
includes a copy of a letter to Mao Tse-tung

Folder 47. Correspondence 1962
includes manuscript related correspondence

The 1963 correspondence includes correspondence with Grenville Clark, Kung Peng, Anna Louise Strong, Ernest Nash, Charles Porter, the Committee for a Review of Our China Policy, and letters regarding Paul Dudley White’s request for a visa to China. Also letters to Mao Tse-tung.

Folder 48. Correspondence Jan. 10-June 29, 1963

Folder 49. Correspondence July 1-Dec. 27, 1963

Folder 50. Colston Leigh Lectures 1963-64
includes speech fragment, undated and untitled

Folder 51. Correspondence 1963-66
includes correspondence relating to French language magazines

Folder 52. Giulio Einaudi, editor 1963-70

The 1964 correspondence includes correspondence with Kung Peng, Nouveau Candide, John K. Fairbank, Douglas Gorsline, letters regarding the Chou En-lai interview, and Edgar Snow’s visa request to visit China. Also letters to Chou En-lai.

Folder 53. Correspondence Jan. 2-April 30, 1964

Folder 54. Correspondence May 2-Sept. 30, 1964

Folder 55. Correspondence Oct. 1-Dec. 29, 1964

Folder 56. Hutchinson Publishers 1964-72

Folder 57. Michel Hoffman, Agence Hoffman 1964-71

Folder 58. Eric Linder 1964-69
includes correspondence with other associates in Italy

The 1965 correspondence includes correspondence with Kung Peng, Yao Wei (Edgar Snow’s interpreter), and letters regarding the Mao Tse-tung interview.

Folder 59. Correspondence Jan. 1-March 31, 1965

Folder 60. Correspondence April 1-June 25, 1965

Folder 61. Correspondence July 1-Dec. 29, 1965

Folder 62. Yoko Matsuoka 1965-68
includes correspondence with other associates in Japan regarding articles

Folder 63. Stuart R. Schram 1965-71

Folder 64. Correspondence Jan. 1-May 31, 1966

Folder 65. Correspondence June 2-Dec. 30, 1966

Folder 66. Robert P. Mills, literary agent, 1966-69

Folder 67. Linder and Deutsch 1966-68, 1971

Folder 68. Correspondence 1967
includes correspondence with Rewi Alley and Soong Ching-ling

Folder 69. Correspondence 1967-71
includes correspondence with various French literary agents. Much of the file is in French.

The 1968 correspondence includes correspondence with Yoko Matsuoka and Grenville Clark.

Folder 70. Correspondence Jan. 11-June 28, 1968

Folder 71. Correspondence July 9-Dec. 23, 1968

Folder 72. Mary Heathcote and Grove Press 1968

The 1969 correspondence includes correspondence with Mary Heathcote, Grove Press, Random House, a Rewi Alley letter reflecting on the events of the 1940’s, Yao Hsin-nung, O. Edmund Clubb, John K. Fairbank, and Yoko Matsuoka.

Folder 73. Correspondence Jan. 2-May 28, 1969

Folder 74. Correspondence June 2-Sept. 30, 1969

Folder 75. Correspondence Oct. 5-Dec. 29, 1969

Folder 76. Yoko Matsuoka 1969-72
includes correspondence with other associates in Japan regarding articles

The 1970 correspondence includes correspondence with Mary Heathcote, Robert Mills, Yao Hsin-nung, Huang Hua, and Penguin Books.

Folder 77. Correspondence Jan. 3-June 29, 1970

Folder 78. Correspondence July 1-Dec. 29, 1970

Folder 79. Eric Linder 1970-71
includes correspondence with other editors in Italy

The 1971 correspondence includes correspondence with Huang Hua, Harrison Salisbury, John Service, George McGovern, J.W. Fulbright, George Hatem, Life magazine,, and correspondence regarding President Nixon’s forthcoming visit to China. Also letters to Chou En-lai and Mao Tse-tung.

Folder 80. Correspondence Jan. 2-March 31, 1971

Folder 81. Correspondence April 4-May 30, 1971

Folder 82. Correspondence June 1-Aug. 31, 1971

Folder 83. Correspondence Sept. 1-Nov. 29, 1971

Folder 84. Correspondence December 1971

Folder 85. Correspondence 1972
includes correspondence and an ad for The Long Revolution

Folder 86. Correspondence 1974, undated letters, and letter fragments

Special CorrespondenceTable of Contents

Indusco: Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (C.I.C.)

In the late 1930’s, Edgar Snow, Nym Wales, and Rewi Alley established the Chinese Industrial Cooperative organization, Indusco. Snow’s primary responsibility as chairman of the Membership and Propaganda Subcommittee was to build public and financial support for Indusco. Indusco was most active through the 1940’s.

Folder 87. Indusco correspondence 1938
includes correspondence with Rewi Alley, James Bertram, and Rewi Alley’s article, "Hong Kong and Shanghai Promotional Committee of the Chinese Industrial Cooperative"

The 1939 correspondence includes correspondence with Rewi Alley, Israel Epstein (Izzie), T. V. Soong, Ida Pruitt (chairman of the Hong Kong Promotion Committee of the C.I.C.), Mrs. Selwyn-Clark of the China Defense League, K. P. Liu (secretary-general of the C.I.C.), Y. C. Meng, Chen Han-seng, Theodore (Ted) Herman, and Guo Da (journalist). Also letters to Mao Tse-tung.

Folder 88. Indusco correspondence Jan. 3-April 28, 1939

Folder 89. Indusco correspondence May 2-Sept. 30, 1939
includes Constitution for the International Committee of the C.I.C.

Folder 90. Indusco correspondence Oct. 2-Dec. 30, 1939
includes correspondence with Ma Hai-de (Dr. George Hatem)

Folder 91. Indusco correspondence 1940
includes "Indusco News #19" and K. P. Liu’s article, "Development of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives"

Folder 92. Indusco correspondence 1941-43
includes the Far Eastern Bulletin and the articles, "International Committee for Chinese Industrial Cooperatives Productive Relief Fund", "Indusco Cadre", "Statistical Survey of C.I.C. Work and its Growth", and "The Work of the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives"

Folder 93. Indusco correspondence undated (ca. 1938-40)
includes notes, minimal correspondence and articles by Edgar Snow and various authors on C.I.C.

Folder 94. Indusco correspondence undated (ca. 1938-40)
includes notes and articles by Edgar Snow and various authors on C.I.C.

Folder 95. Newspaper clippings and manuscripts (by other authors) about C.I.C.
includes "Indusco News and Bulletin"

International School of America ( I.S.A.)Table of Contents

The International School of America, chartered by the New York Board of Regents, was a non-profit secondary school which organized study abroad for mostly senior high school students. Edgar Snow served as a faculty member for two years, 1959-60, traveling with students to places such as India, Europe, and Japan.

Folder 96. I.S.A. correspondence 1959-60

Folder 97. I.S.A. student biographies 1959
includes article, "Mid-Year and Mid-Journey", an article on student Georgia Lee Grise by Edgar Snow, 1960

Folder 98. I.S.A. course materials and lecture notes 1959

Folder 99. I.S.A. course materials and lecture notes 1959-60
includes I.S.A. school bulletin #1, Dec., 1959

Folder 100. I.S.A. course materials and lecture notes 1959-60

Folder 101. I.S.A. sociology course notes and questionnaires 1959

Folder 102. I.S.A. receipts and memorabilia 1959

Folder 103. I.S.A. questionnaires 1960

Folder 104. I.S.A. tour schedules and host families 1960

Folder 105. I.S.A. press releases 1959
includes news clips

Folder 106. I.S.A. school bulletins 1959-60

World Law Fund, Institute for World Law (W.L.F.)Table of Contents

Grenville Clark created the World Law Fund to foster global peace through a united world government. Clark hoped to include China in disarmament discussions. Due to tense Sino-American relations, Clark sought out Snow for advice. Thus, in 1963, Clark began his correspondence with Snow, who subsequently wrote letters to Communist leaders in an effort to gain Clark’s entrance into China.

Folder 107. W.L.F. correspondence 1967-69, 1971
includes notes and articles

Folder 108. W.L.F. correspondence 1969
includes article "Memorandum Re. Heads of State and Action on World Order"

Folder 109. W.L.F. article, "Arms Policy for the Final Decades of the 20th Century"

Table of Contents

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