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MemorabiliaTable of Contents

Folder 543. Norman Grade School autograph book, undated

Folder 544. "Scout Annual" 1920
includes photo of Edgar Snow, Eagle Scout

Folder 545. "The Delta", official monthly publication of the Delta Omicron Omicron Fraternity, Vol. 1, Kansas City, MO, 1923

Folder 546. "Yenching University Bulletin", July 1934 .
includes related academic materials for Journalism 105 class

Folder 547. World War II Service Bar, ca. 1940’s

Folder 548. Out of Dust, 1942, with inscription by the author to Snow

Folder 549. Medal and booklet, National Mayers’ Peace Competition, sponsored by the Lawrence S. Mayer Fund, Inc., 5th prize winner, 1955

Folder 550. Award Plaque, Festival of the People, Florence, Italy, Film Festival, for "One Fourth of Humanity", 1970

Folder 551. Miscellaneous printed material
includes "Heads" style manual of The Shanghai Evening Mercury and Post and the constitution and by-laws of the Author’s Guild of the Authors League of America, Inc.

Folder 552. Memorabilia undated
Old envelopes, business cards, letterhead from the Saturday Evening Post, and a blank check from National City Bank of New York, Shanghai

Other MaterialsTable of Contents

Articles about Edgar Snow

The following folders include such information as biographies, critiques, and discussions of Snow’s work and activities. Also included are articles that quote Snow and news clippings about various lectures and speeches he gave.

Folder 553. Articles 1920’s and 1930’s
includes Far Eastern Front and Red Star Over China; report of Snow being slain in Shensi and his denial; the American Mercury article, "Americans in Shanghai"

Folder 554. Articles 1940’s
includes pirated books in China; article by Freda Utley, "Independence Square, the Strange Case of Edgar Snow and the Saturday Evening Post"

Folder 555. Articles 1950’s
includes Bennett Cerf article, "A Matter of Timing", regarding the publishing of RSOC in 1937

Folder 556. Articles 1960’s
includes map noting travels of Snow during speech/lecture tour of the United States; China trips

Folder 557. Articles 1970’s
includes China trip; obituaries

Folder 558. Condolences and tributes upon Edgar Snow’s death, 1972 (photocopies)
includes poem "Meditating by the Lake with No Name"

Folder 559. Articles 1980’s
includes book reviews of Edgar Snow’s China by Lois Wheeler Snow

Folder 560. Articles undated
includes paper "Edgar Snow: A Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Carole Rosen; article by John Fairbank, " Edgar Snow in Red China"

Edgar Snow Research MaterialsTable of Contents

The following section contains magazine articles, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, transcriptions, and manuscripts written by authors other than Snow. These materials are arranged into five subsections: subject files, newspaper clippings, printed materials, documents, and pamphlets. They constitute a collection of material, pertaining to historical events and personalities, which Snow gathered throughout his career as background information for his writings. Some items were annotated by him and some folders include a small amount of correspondence related to the subject, manuscript fragments, and a few interviews. The contents of these folders were retained in the manner in which they were received. Folder headings were retained unless noted otherwise.

Subject files

Folder 561. Africa - Asia, 1960’s
includes notes and an interview with Nehru in Delhi

Folder 562. Agriculture, 1960-61

Folder 563. Agriculture (Yao I-lin, Ta Chai), 1964-66

Folder 564. American policy in China, 1946-48

Folder 565. Armed forces, 1960-61
includes notes

Folder 566. Articles by and correspondence with Mr. J. Duncan Wood, Nolan Jacobson, and T. I. Dow, 1970-71

Folder 567. Bomb, 1966
includes notes

Folder 568. Cambodia, 1970-71

Folder 569. China, general, 1966-67
includes Edgar Snow manuscript, "China, The United States, and Vietnam"; a list of questions to a doctor who visited China in 1966 with his response in French; and notes

Folder 570. "Comintern," 1968

Folder 571. Criticism, (Chinese agriculture and statistics)
includes notes and Edgar Snow’s manuscript, "Iron Decade"

Folder 572. Cuba, 1966

Folder 573. Cultural Revolution, 1966

Folder 574. Cultural Revolution, 1968

Folder 575. Economy, 1959-60’s
includes notes

Folder 576. Economy, (prices, wages) 1960’s
includes notes

Folder 577. Education, 1964-66
includes notes

Folder 578. Education, Proletarian, 1960’s-70’s

Folder 579. Facism, 1935-36
includes notes

Folder 580. Food [rationing and crops] 1960-62
includes notes, book chapter "Famine", an interview and correspondence with Wu Chen (Secretary, General Affairs Department, Ministry of Agriculture), the Mayor of Shanghai, and other correspondence including that with Han Suyin

Folder 581. Foreign policy, 1943, 1965, 1971

Folder 582. Great Cultural Revolution, 1960’s-70’s
includes manuscript fragments

Folder 583. Greece, 1943

Folder 584. Health, [hospitals, birth control] 1960’s
includes notes and interview with Dr. Lin Chiao-chih

Folder 585. India, 1942-43, 1961

Folder 586. Indonesia, 1965-66

Folder 587. Industry, 1960’s-70’s
includes notes and manuscript fragment

Folder 588. Japan, 1940’s
includes notes

Folder 589. Japan, 1964-71
includes notes

Folder 590. Mao cult, 1964-68
includes notes, copy of letter to Mao and manuscript fragment

Folder 591. McCarthyism, 1953-54, 1969
includes "McCarthyism and our Asia Policy" by Edmund Clubb

Folder 592. Militarism, [China] 1960’s-70’s

Folder 593. Military, [bomb] 1960’s-70’s
includes notes

Folder 594. Minorities, 1964-65

Folder 595. Nixon, 1970-71

Folder 596. Party [politics, slogans] 1963-6
includes notes

Folder 597. Pentagon papers, 1963, 1971

Folder 598. Physical culture, 1965
includes notes

Folder 599. Planning and economic development, 1960-61
includes notes

Folder 600. Pro-Mao and anti-Soviet, 1960-67

Folder 601. Purge, 1966

Folder 602. Reform, [family, love] 1964
includes notes

Folder 603. Religion, 1965, 1968
includes notes

Folder 604. Reminder and miscellaneous notes, 1966
includes correspondence

Folder 605. Self reliance, 1964-65

Folder 606. Sino-Russe, 1960-61
includes notes and manuscript fragment

Folder 607. Sino-Soviet, 1945, 1947, 1964

Folder 608. Sino-Soviet, 1963-65
includes notes

Folder 609. "Some Basic Conceptions and Rules of Conduct of Chinese Communism", Jan. 1955, by Sin-ming Chiu, Human Resources Research Institute, Maxwell Air Force Base

Folder 610. Statistics, Five Year Plan [industrial] 1960, 1963

Folder 611. "Survey of China Mainland" Press bulletins from the American Consulate General, Hong Kong 1960, 1967, 1971

Folder 612. Ta Chai, [name of a brigade] 1964-5
includes notes

Folder 613. Tale of a pig, [concerns fertilizers] 1959, 1964-65
includes notes

Folder 614. Thailand, 1965-66

Folder 615. Transport [auto production] 1965

Folder 616. Urban communes, 1960-61
includes notes

Folder 617. U.S.A. and China, 1954, 1960-61
includes notes

Folder 618. U.S.A. and China, 1961-62
includes notes

Folder 619. U.S.A. miscellaneous, 1939, 1941, 1963, 1967-69
includes book review of Inside Red China by Nym Wales

Folder 620. Vietnam, 1965-72

Folder 621. Vietnam, U.S.A., and China, 1963-66
includes notes

Folder 622. Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 1966-68

Folder 623. War of the have-nots, 1964-66
includes notes

The following folder headings were assigned by the University Archives and are arranged alphabetically.

Folder 624. China and Mongolia, 1930’s
includes notes and a late 1930’s Japanese propaganda poster

Folder 625. China, Southeast Asia, and the Soviet Union, 1949, 1960-61, 1964-65, 1969

Folder 626. Chou En-lai, 1954, 1970-71, 1976

Folder 627. Government run prostitution booklet, 1962

Folder 628. Madame Sun Yat-sen, 1930’s
includes Madame Sun Yat-sen’s article, "What I Think of the Situation", Dec. 19, 1931

Folder 629. Mao material, 1942,1967-68, 1971
includes notes

Folder 630. Mao and Communism, 1960’s-70’s

Folder 631. Nanking International Relief Association, 1937-38

Folder 632. Yao Hsin-nung, 1967
copy of letter to Jeremy Ingalls regarding play written by Yao

Newspaper clippingsTable of Contents

This section is comprised of newspaper clippings and magazine articles regarding events and personalities of the time. Some folders contain news releases from various news bureaus, notes and manuscript fragments.

Folder 633. Clippings 1929-31

Folder 634. Clippings 1932
includes news releases

Folder 635. Clippings 1932-33
includes news releases

Folder 636. Clippings 1934-35
includes C. Kuangson Young’s manuscript "The Second National Financial Conference" and map of Hahar area

Folder 637. Clippings 1937

Folder 638. Clippings 1938-39
includes manuscripts by various authors

Folder 639. Clippings 1939-1940’s

Folder 640. Clippings 1940
includes documents by various authors

Folder 641. Clippings 1930’s-40’s

Folder 642. Clippings 1940’s

Folder 643. Clippings 1941

Folder 644. Clippings 1941

Folder 645. Clippings 1942-45
includes notes (possibly Edgar Snow’s) regarding Madame Chiang Kai-shek from 1942 and manuscripts by various authors

Folder 646. Clippings 1946

Folder 647. Clippings 1946
includes manuscript concerning Chiang Kai-shek’s troops

Folder 648. Clippings 1947

Folder 649. Clippings 1947

Folder 650. Clippings 1947-48

Folder 651. Clippings 1949

Folder 652. Clippings 1950-57

Folder 653. Clippings 1958-62

Folder 654. Clippings 1961-62
includes manuscript fragment

Folder 655. Clippings 1961-62

Folder 656. Clippings 1961-62

Folder 657. Clippings 1963-64
includes notes

Folder 658. Clippings 1965
includes notes, letters, and copy of speech and articles by John Fairbank

Folder 659. Clippings 1966

Folder 660. Clippings 1967-69

Folder 661. Foreign language clippings 1969

Folder 662. Clippings 1970

Folder 663. Clippings 1971
includes notes

Folder 664. Clippings 1971

Folder 665. Clippings 1960’s-70’s

Folder 666. Clippings 1960’s-70’s

Folder 667. Clippings 1970’s
includes manuscript fragment

Printed materialTable of Contents

The following folders contain various printed materials: academic journals, newsletters, reprints, reference booklets, etc. They are arranged alphabetically, and headings were assigned by the University Archives.

Folder 668. Academic journals, booklets, reprints 1939, 1941, 1943, 1959, 1964-66, 1960-69, 1970
includes articles on China, Formosa, and U.S.-China relations

Folder 669. China Defense League Newsletter, May 15, June 1, June 15, Sept. 15, 1941; China Digest, Jan. 13, Aug. 10, Oct. 5, Nov. 16, Dec. 19, 1948; Jan. 25, July 13, Aug. 10, 1949
includes notes

Folder 670. News service bureaus’ press releases, 1937, 1939-40, 1943, 1963

Folder 671. China Today, March, 1941; China Weekly Review, Dec. 27, 1930, June 27, 1931

Folder 672. Chinese language pamphlets
includes Edgar Snow manuscript fragment

Folder 673. Congressional Record, April 24, 1964; June 4, 1965; June 28, 1966

Folder 674. The Crusader, March 1965; March, May, July, Oct., Dec. 1967; May 1968; Current History, Sept. 1971, 1972

Folder 675. The Economist, Sept. 4, 1943; Far East Spotlight, May 1949; Far Eastern Survey, Oct. 11, Nov. 8, 1939; Jan. 3, 1940; Foreign Commerce Weekly, April 14, 1942; In Fact, Jan. 13, 1941

Folder 676. Letters From China, July 26, Oct. 25, Dec. 8, 1963; April 25, May 20, June 15, July 25, Sept. 20, Oct. 20, Nov. 24, 1964; Jan. 8, Jan. 25, March 30, July 20, Sept. 20, Oct. 20, Dec. 20, 1965; Jan. 20, April 25, June 4, June 30, Sept. 20, Oct. 20, Nov. 10, Dec. 15, 1966; Jan. 29, March 20, April 26, May 30, July 5, Sept. 23, Oct. 23, Nov. 23, Dec. 23, 1967; Jan. 15, Feb. 22, March 30, May 16, Dec. 30, 1968; May 8, July 30, Oct. 7, Dec. 30, 1969

Folder 677. Moscow Daily Press Summary, 1944; Aug. 6, 1945
includes notes and news clips

Folder 678. Moscow News, Aug. 29, Sept. 15, Nov. 7, 1945, Feb. 9, March 16, 23, 27, 30, 1946

Folder 679. The Left News, June, Nov. 23, 1941; The Nation, June 24, Oct. 28, 1961, June 26, 1976; Peking Review, Dec. 6, 1963

Folder 680. Reference booklets: Facts and Documents Concerning the Far East, 1945; Town Meeting, 1945; Chinese Communist Anti-Americanism and the Resist-America Aid-Korea Campaign, 1955; The Control of Teachers in Communist China: A Socio-Political Study, 1955; Liberation, 1962

Folder 681. Society of Friends of China news bulletin, March 1, 1936; Spectator, Aug. 27, 1943

Documents by other authorsTable of Contents

This section of the research material contains manuscripts by various authors other than Edgar Snow and transcriptions of articles. Many are English translations of Chinese military and political magazines and other Chinese documents. The materials are arranged chronologically. Undated articles appear at the end of the section.

Folder 682. Documents, 1931:
— "Disruptive Elements in China" (excerpts) by Edmund Clubb, April 29

Folder 683. Documents, 1932:
— "Index of History of Chinese Great Revolution from 1925 to 1927" by Hua Kang, May

Folder 684. Documents, 1933:
— "Journalist--Adventures and The Chang Dynasty" by Henry I. Wallace, March 20;
— "The Red Army, Its Indestructibility in Organism" by Ou Yang-ch’ing, Dec. 15;
— untitled editorial by Soong Ching-ling, [ca. 1933?]

Folder 685. Documents, 1934:
— "The Three Eastern Provinces Under the Japanese Military Occupation" by Hsin Yu-shih, Oct. 16;
— "Wither China’s Education?" by Li Hsiu-shih, Dec. 20

Folder 686. Documents, 1935:
— "An Investigation of the Political Structure of Rural China" by Li Hang, July;
— "Central Committee’s Instruction Regarding Land Policy" by the Central Committee, Communist Party, Aug. 3;
— "The Present Situation of Bandit-Suppression Force at the South and North Sides of Mt. Ming" by Ch’ang Chiang, Sept. 9;
— untitled article by Norman Hanwell, Sept. 10;
— Instruction Order No. 1 by Chairman Po Ku, Nov. 16;
— "Appeal to the Officers and Soldiers of the Northeastern Army" by the Political Dept. of the Red Army, Nov. 25;
— "Officers and Soldiers of the White Army: How Shall We Fight Japan", the political department of the Red Army;
— "Booklet for New Army Men" by the Political Department, Nov. 28;
— "Anti-Japanese and National Salvation Manifesto", Mao Tse-tung, Nov. 28;
— "Outline for the Development of Cooperatives" by Department of National Economy, Nov.;
— "Order of the Headquarters of the Red Army" by Chu Teh, Nov.;
— announcement by Chairman Po Ku, Dec. 1;
— "Reader for Training New Recruits" by the Political Bureau of the Front Army, Dec. 5;
— "Outline of Constitution of Organizing Labourers, Mutual Aid Society";
— Statistics of Communist Cases Handled by the International Settlement Police, Shanghai, During 1935

Folder 687. Documents, 1936:
— "Resolutions of the Joint-Meeting of Department Heads of All Classes of the National Economy Departments" by the National Economy Department, Jan. 10;
— "Resolution of the Functionaries of the People’s Economic Department" (in Chinese), Jan. 10;
— announcement by Chairman Po Ku, concerning the development of the Chinese Soviet People’s Republic pasturage and protection of mother-sheep, Jan. 10;
— Announcement of the Provisional Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic, Po Ku, Dec. 1;
— "Present Trend of The Chinese Communists", Jan. 29;
— Outline of Policy by CCP, Jan. 20;
— "Order of Instruction" by Chairman of the Ministry for Land, Wang Kuan-lan, concerning the Movement of Spring Cultivation, Jan. 28;
— Ministry of Land Announcement by Chairman of the Ministry of Land, Wang Kuan-lan, for the Issuing of Land Certificates, Jan. 29;
— "A Sketch of Wangyopu", Jan. 29;
— "Red Army Strength in Szechuan-Hsikang Region" from Szechuan Review, with notes by Snow, Jan.;
— "Statistics of Red Army at Szechuan and Hsikang Border", Feb. 1;
— "Communism in China -- Arrests in Szechuan", Feb. 1;
— "Communism in China -- North Shensi", Feb. 4;
— "North China: A Bill of Losses", Feb. 4;
— "Conditions in the Province of Shansi" from Chung Kuo Ta’un, Feb. 6;
— "Bulletin of the Northwest Anti-Japanese Red Army Academy for Enrollment of New Students" by the Northwest Revolutionary Military Council, Chairman, Mao Tse-tung, Feb.;
— Analysis of the Shansi-Shensi Red Bandits in Hsin Hsing Pao, Mar. 16;
— instruction order by Wang Kuan-lan, March 28;
— "Instruction to All Classes of Communist Party and Soviet Concerning the Modifications of the Rich Peasant Policy and Concerning the Organizing of the Society of Labor Mutual Help by CCP", April 4;
— Speech given by Mao Tse-tung, Chairman of the Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic, April 12;
— "The Red Army in Shansi" by Po Ku, April 20;
— Students, May 3;
— "A Letter Concerning the Soviet Monetary Policy" by Po Ku, ca. 1936;
— Instruction order Concerning the Problem of Summer Cultivation and Summer Crops by Wang Kuan-lan, May 9;
— "Order from the Northwest Bureau of the Central Government Concerning the Economy in Provisions" by Po Ku, the Chairman, May 21;
— "The Chinese Central Soviet Government Manifesto to the Mohammedan People" by Chairman Mao Tse-tung, May 25;
— "Explanation on the Compiling of Budget" by Central Department of Finance, May;
— "Instructions to Functionaries of the People’s Economy" by Mao Tse-tung (in Chinese), May;
— "Bulletin on Budget and Accounting" by Central Finance Department(in Chinese), May;
— "Regulations of Treasury" (in Chinese), June 1;
— "Provisional Regulation of Accounting" by Central Ministry of Finance, June 1;
— "Discussion Materials for the Company, ‘Mohammedan Problem’" (in Chinese) by the Political Department of the First Army Corps, June 4;
— "Statement to Call for the Convention of the Anti-Japanese National Salvation Congress", issued by the Central Government of the Soviet Republic of China, Feb. 21;
— "Szechuan Weekly Bulletin", for the week ending Feb. 13

Folder 688. Documents, 1936:
— "The Changing Policy of the Soviet Districts" by Wang Ming, July 2;
— "Information of the Central Department of National Economy Concerning the Problem of Organizational Work of the Cooperatives of the Immediate Present" by Mao Tse-tung, Department Head, July 3;
— announcement concerning Concrete Methods of Dealing with Eat/Salt, Cloths, etc., Strengthening the Finance of Soviet District, by Po Ku, Jul. 8;
— Information from the Central Ministry of National economy Concerning the Transportation of Salt by Po Ku, July 8 and 10;
— "A Declaration to Kuolao Hui" by the Soviet Central Government by Mao Tse-tung, July 15;
— Instruction from the Central Committee, July 15;
— Instruction from the Central Committee Concerning the Winning Over of the ‘Lao Hui’, Jul. 16;
— "The Marriage Law of the Chinese Soviet Republic" by Department of the Interior, July 20;
— Report of the Central Matsumuro to the Kwantung Army, July;
— "To Colleagues Misled by Communism" by the Political Training Bureau of the Kuomintang, Aug. 21 (Bill dropped over the lines of the First Front Army);
— "A Survey of Mohammedans in Yuwangpao and in the District Around Hsishan" by the Political Department, First Army Corps., Aug. 25;
— translation of a mimeographed letter addressed by the Chinese Communist Party to the Kuomintang of China, Aug. 25;
— Slogans of the First Front Red Army in Ninghsia, that appeared on leaflets and posters issued by the Front Political Department of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Red Army, Aug.;
— an open letter from Mao Tse-tung to Gen. Dung Ying-ping, Nov. 26;
— letter to Marshall Yen Hsi-shan from Chang Hsueh-liang, Dec. 12;
— The Chinese Soviet Cultural Government Manifesto to the Mohammedans People, Mao Tze-tung, May 25;
— "For How Much" from "Voxrozhdenie Azii" (Rebirth of Asia), Nov. 10;
— article concerning drug smuggling

Folder 689. Documents, 1937:
— "Anti-Japanese Partisan Reader" by the General Political Bureau of the People’s Anti-Japanese Red Army, June 28;
— "Interview with Mao Tse-tung" by James Bertram, Yenanfu, Oct. 25;
— "Conditions for Ultimate Victory in the Protracted War" by Gen. P’eng Teh-huai, Nov. 16;
— The Anti-Japanese National Salvation Ten Point Program of the Communist Party of China "For the Mobilisation of All Our Forces in the Victorious War of Resistance", Aug. 16

Folder 690. Documents, 1938:
— "Guerrilla Warfare on Plains" by Hsiao K’e from the Chien Hsing (The Front), Feb. 6;
— Report of the Hongkong Chinese Women’s Relief Association, March;
— "The Guerrilla Warfare Defending Northern China" by Liu Tsing-yang, Chen Pai-ou, etc. May 12;
— (excerpts?) from a letter to a Chinese friend in America by Mr. (?) Chung, May 14;
— "History of Revolutionary Movements of Modern China", Part I, compiled by China Modern History Research Committee, June;
— "The Outlook of the People’s Congress" by Lu Lung-chi, July 7;
— "Things About the Running of Chinese National Socialist Party" by Chang Cheng-mai, July 7;
— Bethune Medical College (text for press release?), Aug. 15

Folder 691. Documents, 1939:
— "The Whole Phase War and the Whole Phase Tactics" by Pai Tsung-hsi, April 15;
— "Report about Wartime Activities in North China" by Wang Teh, April;
— "The Relation between Wang Ching-wei and Japan" by Japan Foreign Affairs Times, May;
— "On the Financial and Economic Problems in the North China War of Resistance Areas" by Chen Chang-hao, June 1;
— "Practical Experience of Guerrilla Warfare on the Plain" by Peng Hsueh-feng, June 25;
— "A Summary of One Year’s Resistance by the Eighth Route Army in Shantung" by Kuo Hung-tao, June 25;
—CCP’s Manifesto on the "Double Seventh";
— "One Word of Advice to the Siamese Authorities", by Liang Jo-ch’en, Jul. 23-28;
— "Siam Changes Her Name and Her Relation with China" by Chen Hsin-jung, Ta Kung Pao, July 17-18;
— "Chinese Residents in Siam Living in Tumultuary Chaos", by Oh Oh, Ta Kung Pao, Aug. 8;
— interview with Dr. Franklin Ho, Aug. 10;
— "Discussion of Guerrilla Warfare on the Plain from Experience Obtained in Central Hopei Area" by Lu Cheng-chao, Aug. 25;
— "Offensive Battle of the Japanese Army" by Koslov, Aug. 25;
— "Compilation of Victories of the Eighteenth Army Corps and the New Fourth Army", Aug. 25;
— "Preliminary Compilation of Lessons and Experiences Gained During Two Years Guerrilla Warfare in North China" by Liu Po-cheng, Aug. 25;
— "Accomplishments in War on the 8th Route and New 4th Armies During Two Years of the War of Resistance" by Hsiao Hsiang-jung, Aug.;
— "Northwest" by Provisional Committee of CCP, Sept. 1;
— "Northwestern Shansi and Our Army During Two Years’ War of Resistance" by Lo Kui-p’o, Sept. 25;
— "Defensive Battle of the Japanese Army" by Shyedlov;
— "To Talk of Guerrilla Warfare on the Plain from Experience Gained in the Central Hopei Area" by Lu Chung-tsao, Sept. 25;
— Report in the North Shansi Chahar and Hopei Border Government, (Lindsay Report?), Nov.;
— "Cotton Cloth Export from Japan" from the Oriental Economist, Nov.;
— "Experiences Gained in Participating in the Crushing of the Enemy Surrounding Attacks on Shansi-Chahar-Hopei Border Districts" by Wang Cheng, ca. 1939;
— "Wang Teh-sheng of City Wall of Yi-hsien -- A Story of Double 7th Battle" by Chung Chiao-pun posthumously;
— "On the Tactics of Ambush" by Tso Chuan;
— "Experiences of Work Among the Enemy Troops of the 8th Route Army Since the Beginning of the War of Resistance" by Tsai Chien;
— Outline of Speeches 4, 5, 6, 7;
— Reports #3, #4, #78, and #79 from Chinese publications

Folder 692. Documents, 1940:
— "Facts and Figures Concerning the Far East" by China Institute in America, May 15;
— "America Faces New Problems in the Orient" talk by Major Evans Carlson, Aug. 27;
— Document (first page missing) concerning suggestions and needs of the Armies to the Central Government by Chu Teh, Peng Teh-huai, Yeh Ting, Han Ying, Nov. 9;
— Statistics quoted by Rewi Alley in "These Three Years", Dec. 7;
— List of documents concerning the North Kiangsu Incidents of Sept. and Oct.

Folder 693. Documents, 1941:
— "Hong Kong Ends as ‘Free Port’ for Chinese", Jan. 15;
— "Notes on the Clashes between the Central Troops and the New Fourth Army in South Anhwei", Jan. 21;
— "Further Notes on Clashes between Central Troops and New Fourth", Jan.;
— "Notes on the Kuomintang - Communist Crisis", Jan.;
— Report of the Hong Kong Chinese Women’s Relief Association, Jan. 26;
— "Yenan’s Firm Stand Toward the Southern Anhwei Outrage", Chinese People’s Correspondence, Feb. 26;
— "Refugee Relief and Resettlement Shensi-Kansu-Ninghsia Border Region", April;
— "The International Peace Hospitals", ca. 1941

Folder 694. Documents, 1942:
— "Reconstruction in Shensi-Kansu-Ninghsia Border Region" by Central Committee of CCP;
— compilation of editorials and letters, June;
— news by short waves from Russia, July-Aug.;
Katubusanngbayan, Sept. 12;
Hukbalahap, Nov. 30, Dec. 15;
— "British Civilian Man Power is the Most Highly Mobilized in the World", 1942;
— "From a People’s Front to an All-National Front" by E. Fisher, ca. 1942;
— "Indonesian Aims and Ideals" by Mr. Mohammed Hatta, ca. 1942

Folder 695. Documents, 1943:
— "People of the Urals" by Arkady Pereventzyev, Jan. 9;
— "From Relief to Production, Report on Famine Conditions and Relief Work in the Shansi-Hopei-Shantung-Honan Border Area", June 4;
— "Economic Reconstruction in North China Border Regions", Aug. 1;
— "Relief of Immigrants and Refugees in North Shensi" by Li Ping, Aug.;
— "Refugee Relief and Resettlement", Nov. 4;
— "Famine and Famine Relief Measures in the Guerrilla Areas of North Honan" by China Defense League, 1943;
— Disposition of Japanese Troops in China (list)

Folder 696. Documents, 1944:
— "Facts about the Hukbalahap", Nov. 30

Folder 697. Documents, 1945:
— "The Philippines Fight for Freedom", June 15;
— "Where the Hukbalahap Stand" by Tony Collantes, June 15;
— Transcriptions of articles in The Nation, July 28, 1945;
— "MacArthur’s Private Preserve" by Freda Kirchway;
— "What Price Independence" by E. H. Jacoby;
— "The End of the Hukbalahap" by Captain X;
— untitled, regarding Hukbalahap status, July;
— "The Political Line of the Korean Communist Party on the Question of Formation of the United National Front", Oct. 30;
— "What Is Our Difference" by Park Heun-Young, Nov. 3;
— "The Brief History of the Korean Communist Party", Nov. 11;
— "North of 38", Dec. 26;
— "Regulations for the Cultivation Brigade to Help the Red Army Families", ca. 1945;
— untitled article on the Filipino situation (black market), ca. 1945;
— Program of the Democratic Alliance, ca. 1945

Folder 698. Documents, 1946:
— "Memorandum for the Imperial Japanese Government", from the General Headquarters Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, Jan. 4;
— "Inaugural Meeting of the Japanese Industrial Cooperative Association", March 23;
— Statement of General MacArthur and Government Section Report on Japanese National Elections, April 24;
— "Class War in the Philippines" by Arthur Eaton, Nov. 12;
— "The First Year of Occupation in Japan", ca. 1945-46?;
— "A Study on Current Japanese Review Magazines", 1945-46;
— "Food Situation and Food Policy after ‘Hazakaiki’", 1946;
— "Triangular Base for Philippine Social Problems", ca. 1945-46?;
The Hukbalahap, ca. 1945-46?;
— "Philippine Democracy Moves Forward" Philippine News Service, ca. 1946;
— "Giant Demonstration of 65,000 Filipinos Demands Removal of all Collaborators and Assails McNutt", Philippine News Service, ca. 1946;
— "Reexamination of Independence" Philippine News Service, ca. 1946;
— "The Peoples of the Philippines, Plaintiff versus Dominador Santos and Salvador Enriquez, Accused, Criminal Case No. 45 for Inciting to Sedition", ca. 1946;
— material on the Designations of Former Puppet Troop Recommissioned by Chiang Kai-shek, Dec. 1946;
— two fragments regarding Japanese Cooperatives;
— Report of Public Opinion Trip Taken on 6 January, 1945 by Members of the Office of Public Information, Headquarters U.S. Army Forces in Korea, Jan. 7, 1946; includes clippings on the Philippines

Folder 699. Documents, 1947, 1949:
— report by Mao Tse-tung to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Dec. 25, 1947;
— "Outstanding Military Problems on the Guerrilla Warfare Fronts" by General Yeh Chien-ying, Aug. 6;
— "Defensive Battle of the Japanese Army" by Shyedlov, Aug. 25, 1949

Folder 700. Documents, 1965, 1970’s:
— "The Draft Constitution", Nov. 12, 1970;
— brief biography of Otto Braun, an European who participated in the Long March, unknown;
— flyer "To Fellow Peacemongers" [regarding Vietnam], incomplete

The following undated manuscripts are arranged alphabetically according to author. Both undated and anonymous manuscripts are located at the end of this section.

Folder 701. Documents, undated:
— "Old Northeast Army", lists of soldiers and units, by Chang Hseuh-liang;
— untitled article, [a criticism of a London Times article], by Chang Hsueh-liang;
— Diary, "One Leaf in the Urumchi River" by Chen Chi-ying, incomplete;
— "Central Committee’s Instruction Regarding Land Policy" by Chinese Communist Party;
— "Battle of Pinhghsingkwan and National Resistance" by Chu Teh and Peng Teh-huai;
— "We Can Hold North China" by Chu Teh;
— telegram to the Central Government from the Eighth Route Army by Chu Teh, Lin Piao, Ho Lung, Liu Po-cheng, Nieh Jung-chen, Hsiao Chin-kwang;
— "The 8th Route Army and One Year of War" by Chu Teh

Folder 702. Documents, undated: "China’s ‘Christian General’ Denounces Suppression of Students, Demands that Civil War Stop at Once", press release, June 6, by Marshal Feng Yu-hsiang

Folder 703. Documents, undated:
— "A Summary of Two Years’ War of Resistance of the 120th Division" by Ho Lung;
— "My Past", fragment, by Hsiao Hua;
— "Japan Moves into Suiyuan toward Ninghsia" by Hsing Ho-ling;
— "A Record of Impressions of Communist-Suppression in Northeast Szechwan" by Hsun Shih;
— "The Significance of the Political Unification in China" by Dr. Hu Shih;
— "The Battle of Fei Shui", No. 4, April 15, by Hua Jo;
— two writings in Chinese

Folder 704. Documents, undated:
— "We Should Not Be Satisfied" by K’u Hsi-ning;
— "The Japanese New Strategy, the Consolidation of ‘Occupied’ Areas and the Disintegration of China" by Kuo Hsin News Agency

Folder 705. Documents, undated:
— "Most Popular Essayists of China Today" by Bruce P. Lee;
— "On Guerrilla Warfare and Mobile Warfare" by Liu Po-cheng

Folder 706. Documents, undated:
— "To Record the International Medical Corps" by Ma Han-ping;
— "Letter of Instruction to Departments of National Economy of All Classes" by Mao Tse-tung;
— circulation telegrams of Mao Tse-tung, Chen Shao-yu (Wang Ming), Lin Tsu-han (Lin Po-chiu), Wu Yu-chang, Tung Pi-wu, Tsing Pang-hsien (Po Ku), Teng Yin-chao ( Mrs. Chou En-lai);
— "An Outline of the Proposed Measures for the Conversion Adjustment of Munitions Industry" by Ministry of Finance;
— "A Personal Message to My Old Comrades Wherever They May Be" by Moh Hatta

Folder 707. Documents, undated:
— "Appeal For Funds to Repair Memorial to the March 18th Martyrs" by a peasant of Yuan Ming Yuan and voluntary caretaker of the Memorial Tomb;
— "Experience and Progress of One Month’s Work in Re-arranging the Army" by Peng Shao-hui;
— memo to General Ho Chu-kuo and divisional Commanders Kou, Wang, Pai, Men, and Tan at Kuyuan by Commander Peng Teh-huai;
— fragment by Draper W. Phillips

Folder 708. Documents, undated:
— "First Anniversary of the War of Resistance" by Soong Ching-ling;
— "The State Bank of the U.S.S.R." by VOKS, press department;
— "The Economic Policy of the Soviet Power in the Period of the Civil War" by VOKS, press department

Folder 709. Documents, undated:
— "Who Will Win the Civil War in China" by Michael Lindsay;
— "How to Realize Peace" by Wang Ching-wei;
— "Our Opinion of the Defense of Wuhan and the Problem of the Third Period War of Resistance" by Wang Ming, Chou En-lai, and Chin Po-ku;
— "My Past" by Yang Te-chih

Folder 710. Documents, undated, anonymous:
— "A Sketch of the Early Winter of Hangchow";
— "Regulation for Helping the Red Army Families Saturday Brigade";
— "What Are the Japanese Doing on Hainan Island?";
— "A Secret Report by a Certain Japanese Organization";
— "Economic Construction in the Shensi and Kansu Soviet Districts";
— "Social Investigation of Yenchih Hsien", in Chinese;
— "The Preliminary Survey of Mohammedan People";
— "The Mongolian Nation in the Beginning of Activities", fragment;
— "The Chinese Red Army", description;
— "Present Political Tendencies in China";
— "The Big Battle at Pinghsingkwan";
— "The Peasant Movement in Shansi";
— "Major General Archer L. Lerch";
— "Young Friends of China from All Over the World", speech;
— "The Japanese Attack on Unification and Reconstruction of China";
— Study on Politico-Economic Changes in the Sino-Japanese War, outline;
— "Wu-yuan, the First Strategic Point Recovered Since the Outbreak of the War of Resistance", regarding Suiyuan;
— "Japan’s Dependence on Foreign Supplies of War Materials";
— "List of Congressmen in Office During Japanese Occupation in Philippine Islands";
— "Newly Organized Guerrilla Battalions";
— Outlines of two pamphlets: Short Sketches of the 8th Route Army Leaders, The Anti-Japanese 8th Route Army;
— fragment regarding Tenno system;
— fragment regarding March 14th incident outside Old South Gate in Chenla;
— fragment regarding Japanese presence;
— fragment regarding Star Spangled Banner in Russian;
— fragment regarding 8th Route Army;
— Four writings in Chinese.

PamphletsTable of Contents

Folder 711. Songs of New China, 1953

Folder 712. Chinese art pamphlet, 1958; The World Belongs to All by Hiao Hung-ying and Derek Bryan, 1962

[Addenda] Folder 1. [In Chinese] Study of Production of Co-operatives in the Countryside by Huang Wei-shi, Aug. 1929?; New Culture: 1. News from Soviet Union, 2. News of World Literature, 3. Articles by Readers

[Addenda] Folder 2. [In Chinese] Land Problems in Red Area by Cheng Sheng-chang, July 15, 1934; The Outline of the Development of the Co-operatives by KMT Central Economic Ministry, Nov. 1935 (translation)

[Addenda] Folder 3. [In Chinese] International Communism, 1936;  Talks and Articles on Anti-Japanese War by Chang Hsue-liang and Yang Hu-cheng, Dec. 1936; Northeast Anti-Japanese 4th Army by Sun Je

[Addenda] Folder 4. [In Chinese] The Selection of Contemporary Articles (about International Communists and Chinese Revolutionaries), May 1, 1937

[Addenda] Folder 5. [In Chinese] Visits to Chu Teh and Peng Te-huai by Chao Te-hua, Nov, 1937; The Eight Route Army, an Anti-Japanese Army by Chao Yi-lin; Chairman Mao talking to [James] Bertram, Dec. 1937 (translation); China will not Perish by Soong Ching-ling; Ting Ling -- New China;s Woman Fighter by Earl Leaf, Nov. 1937 (translated by Ye Chou)

[Addenda] Folder 6. [In Chinese] Constructions of New China by Shen Cheng, Feb. 25, 1938;  The Datum of the First Senate Meeting of Shensi-Kansi-Ningsia Border Area, June 1939

Index cardsTable of Contents

This section contains alphabetized index cards, compiled by Edgar Snow, which list quotations, information on historical movements and personalities, aphorisms, subject headings, and personal reflections.

Folder 713. A-E

Folder 714. F-M

Folder 715. N-Q

Folder 716. R-Z

Folder 717. A-Z, descriptions of photos

Folder 718. Miscellaneous 1960’s-70: index of subjects from books, journals, magazines and newspapers

Table of Contents

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