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The photographs are arranged chronologically and geographically to follow Edgar Snow’s life and career. Included are images that Snow acquired from other sources than his own camera, as well as notes and captions he attached to them. Also in the files are proof sheets of images that appear elsewhere in the folders. The headings assigned to the folders only highlight their contents.

1928 - 1937Table of Contents

Folder P001. Snow on S.S. Radnor, 1928

Folder P002. Japan, 1928

Folder P003. Shanghai, 1928 - 1938

Folder P004. Shandong Province, 1928-29: Taian, Qufu
includes Snow with Confucius’ descendant, Jinan, and a celebration of Sun Yat-sen

Folder P005. Hangzhou, 1929

Folder P006. Jiangsu Province, 1929: Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Pukou, Yangzhou, Xuzhou

Folder P007. Wuhan, 1929

Folder P008. Anhui Province: Suxian County, Bangbu

Folder P009. Tianjing: Postcards of street scenes

Folder P010. Hebei Province, 1929: Tangshan, Chengde, Shanhaiguan

Folder P011. Shanxi Province: Datong

Folder P012. Northeast China, 1929: Harbin, Shenyang

Folder P013. Korea, 1929

Folder P014. Railway Trip in the Famine Area of North China, 1929: Saratsi, Ralgan, Yanzhou, etc.
includes delousing station

Folder P015. Lamaism and Mongolia (photos for Holiest Man In Asia, with caption list)
includes Panchen Lama

Folder P016. China Scenes (with caption list), 1924-29: Inner-Mongolia, Henan Province, Yunnan Province, and Guizhou Province

Folder P017. Henan, 1930

Folder P018. Taiwan, Sept. 1931
includes Kaban Tribe and two postcards

Folder P019. Guangdong Province, 1930-1933: Canton, Shantou, Zhongshan

Folder P020. Yunnan Province, 1930
includes minorities

Folder P021. Yunnan (photos for 13 million Acres Of Opium, with caption list)

Folder P022. Yunnan (photos for The Economics of Slavery, with caption list)

Folder P023. Burma, Feb. 1931

Folder P024. India, 1931
includes Nehru and Gandhi; and postcards

Folder P025. Northeast Army of Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang, 1931 (location unknown)

Folder P026. Sino-Japanese Conflict: Shanghai, Jan. 28, 1932 and Hebei, 1933

Folder P027. Indonesia, Jan. 1933: Bali, Java

Folder P028. Beijing, 1929-37
includes the Snows at home and nearby, friends and colleagues

Folder P029. Beijing, 1929 and 1930s

Folder P030. Ding Xian County, Hebei Province, 1933: (photos for People’s Welfare, but Not Political Communism)

The following four folders contain photos taken by an unidentified Chinese news agency

Folder P031. "Manchuguo" (with captions), 1935
includes Pu Yi (last Emperor)

Folder P032. "Manchuguo" (with caption list), 1935
includes Pu Yi and Ministers

Folder P033. "Manchuguo" (photos for Empire in Manchuria, with caption list), 1935
includes annotated map

Folder P034. "Manchuguo" officers, 1935

Folder P035. Dec. 9 Student Movement, Beijing, 1935

Folder P036. Xian, 1936

Folder P037. Chinese, 1928-37
includes Chiang Kai-chik, Soong Ching-ling, Sun Fo, Hu Shi, Gu Weijun, Panchen Lama

Soviet Area, 1928 - 1936Table of Contents

Folder P038. Jiangxi Soviet Area and leaders, 1928-34
includes photos from another source

Folder P039. Currencies, bonds, certificates, and stamps of the Jiangxi Soviet Area, 1928-34

Folder P040. Slogans of Red Army in Sichuan, Shaanxi Soviet Area, 1934-35

Folder P041. North Shaanxi Soviet Area and People, 1936

Folder P042. Red Army, 1936: soldiers
includes children (Red Devils)

Folder P043. Red Army, 1936: maneuvers

Folder P044. Red Army, 1936: cavalry unit

Folder P045. Red Army, 1936: mass meetings and lectures

Folder P046. Red Army, 1936: training, propaganda posters, and flags

Folder P047. Red Army, 1936: opera troupe, dance, sports, and health

Folder P048. Snow in North Shaanxi Soviet Area, 1936

Folder P049. Red Army Officers and Leaders
includes Mao, Chou, Mrs. Chou, Peng Teh-huai, Teng Fa, Lin Piao

Sino - Japanese Conflict, 1937 - 1945Table of Contents

Folder P050. Refugees (location unknown)

Folder P051. War ruins and bodies (location unknown)

Folder P052. Wounded common people (location unknown)

Folder P053. Photos for Battle For Asia (with caption list)

Folder P054. Shanghai, Aug. 1937
includes Snow and Evans Carlson

Folder P055. Nanjing, 1937

Folder P056. Wuhan, 1938
includes Chou and Mrs. Chou, Wang Ming, Bo Gu, Hsian Yin, Shen Jung-ru, Yen Chien-ying, Rewi Alley, Agnes Smedley, Freda Utley, Po Ku, Korean and Japanese revolutionaries

Folder P057. Captured Japanese propaganda material, 1938
photos from another source

Folder P058. Sino-Japanese Conflict (with caption list), 1938

Folder P059. Philippines, 1938-40
includes Snows with Carlson, Alley, James Bertram

Folder P060. Canton, bombed (taken by Yue Hua Bao, a newspaper), 1938

Folder P061. Chongqing, bombed: 3-12 May, 1939
probably from the same source as above

Folder P062. Two letters (photos) about Indusco, ca. 1939

Folder P063. Indusco (Chinese Industrial Cooperative): Chongqing, Hunan

Folder P064. Indusco, 1939: Trip to Sichuan and Shaanxi; includes Bailey School (some photos probably taken by Rewi Alley)

Folder P065. Indusco, 1939: Trip to Yanan

Folder P066. Yanan, 1939-43
includes Mao and Mrs. Mao, Ma Hai-de. Photos gift of a Chinese medical association

Folder P067. Dr. Norman Betune, date unknown.
Gift of Ma Hai-de

Folder P068. Red Chinese leaders, undated
includes Mao and Chou, and a photo of Mao with U.S. G.I.s.

Folder P069. Peasant militia, undated

Folder P070. Soldiers of National Army of China, undated (location unknown)

Folder P071. People of China (unidentified), 1928-45
includes individuals and military

Folder P072. Foreigners in China (locations unknown), 1928-45
includes Snow, Carlson, Smedley.

Folder P073. China scenes (locations unknown), 1928-45

World Trip -- War Correspondent and International School, 1942 - 1961 Table of Contents

Folder P074. Soviet Union: postcards of Tolstoi’s house and area

Folder P075. Soviet Union, 1942-45
includes Snow in Stalingrad, and the captured German Marshal Von Paulus

Folder P076. Soviet Union, 1942-45

Folder P077. Soviet Union, 1942-45
includes sports

Folder P078. Delegation of Mongolia People’s Republic visit to U.S.S.R., 1940’s
includes Hu Tsipang, a Chinese female war correspondent in Russia

Folder P079. Iran and Iraq, 1942
includes Shah

Folder P080. India: Assam (with caption list), 1942
includes U.S. war correspondents and soldiers

Folder P081. India, 1940’s (with caption list)
includes Gandhi’s funeral

Folder P082. Finland, 1944

Folder P083. Cardinal Theodor Innitzer, Vienna, 1945

Folder P084. Saudi Arabia, Sept. 1945

Folder P085. Romania (with caption list), 1945

Folder P086. Thailand, 1945

Folder P087. Japan, 1946
includes Yoko Matsuoka (literary agent), and cooperation building (commune)

Folder P088. Nepal, 1948

Folder P089. Sudan: postcards (undated)

Folder P090. International School trip, 1959-61: Japan

Folder P091. International School trip, 1959-61: Macao

Folder P092. International School trip, 1959-61: Thailand

Folder P093. International School trip, 1959-61: India: Delhi (with caption list)
includes Nehru and President Prasal

Folder P094. International School trip, 1959-61: Egypt: Karnak (with caption list)

Folder P095. International School trip, 1959-61: Egypt: Luxor (with caption list)

Folder P096. International School trip, 1959-61: Cairo, Istanbul (with caption list)

Folder P097. International School trip, 1959-61: Greece (with caption list)

Folder P098. International School trip, 1959-61: Greece, Europe

Folder P099. International School trip, 1959-61: Italy

Folder P100. International School trip, 1959-61: Britain

Folder P101. International School trip, 1959-61: locations unknown

Folder P102. Unidentified photos

China, 28 June - 15 Nov. 1960Table of Contents

Folder P103. Beijing
includes street scenes, urban commune, commune, nurseries, ivory carvers, friends, parks, railway station, residents

Folder P104. Beijing
includes street scenes, swimming pool

Folder P105. Beijing
includes students, prison

Folder P106. Beijing
includes hospitals, Exhibition of Industry and Agriculture, Red Flag Commune (urban), students, Ma Hai-de

Folder P107. Beijing
includes Yugoslavs and foreign reporters

Folder P108. Beijing: National Day of P. R. China in Tiananmen Square, Beijing Stadium

Folder P109. Inner Mongolia
includes Iron and Steel Company of Baotou, New Wealth Springs Commune

Folder P110. Northeast China: Harbin, Changehun, Shenyang, Fushun, Dalian
includes industry, child care

Folder P111. Miliatry base near Beijing

Folder P112. Shaanxi Province: Xian, Yanan
includes agriculture, dam, children, Rewi Alley

Folder P113. Henan Province: Sanmenxia, Luoyang, Zhengzhou
includes agriculture, dam, children, Rewi Alley

Folder P114. Shanghai: Minhang District
includes Exhibition of Industry, Conservatory of Music, port, street scenes

Folder P115. Wuhan
includes Tong Ji Hospital, Iron and Steel Company

Folder P116. Chongqing
includes People’s Hall, Institute of Fine Art

Folder P117. Kunming
includes Kunming University

Folder P118. Chinese Leaders
includes Mao, Chou and Mrs. Chou

Folder P119. Chinese people (locations unknown)

The following three folders contain contact prints of the 1960 trip.

Folder P120. Contact Prints

Folder P121. Contact Prints

Folder P122. Contact Prints

China, 8 Oct. 1964 - 19 Jan. 1965Table of Contents

Folder P123. Beijing
includes streets, parks, and people

Folder P124. Beijing
includes Ma Hai-de, Rewi Alley, Robert Williams

Folder P125. Beijing: Dr. Lin, Qiao-zhi and Fan Ti Hospital

Folder P126. Beijing: Pu Yi (Last Emperor)

Folder P127. Beijing: children

Folder P128. Beijing: Foreign Language Institute
include student co-ops, foreign students

Folder P129. Beijing: Physical Cultural Institute

Folder P130. Beijing: dormitory room

Folder P131. Beijing: factories
including day care

Folder P132. Beijing: wine cellar
include Ma Hai-de

Folder P133. Beijing: Protestant Christmas Eve service

Folder P134. Beijing: department stores

Folder P135. Hebei Province: Tung Pei Wang Commune, Yellow Ridge Commune, and the Beijing Duck Farmers of Haitien Commune

Folder P136. Shanghai
includes streets scenes and Hwang Pu River

Folder P137. Shanghai: industry and exhibition

Folder P138. Shanghai: stores and college

Folder P139. Shanghai: reattachment of a severed hand
from a Chinese news service, Suzhon

Folder P140. Wuxi
includes industry, Worker’s Rehabilitation Clinic and day care

Folder P141. Wuxi
includes education and commune

Folder P142. Nanjing
includes visiting Congolese dancers, education and commerce

Folder P143. Chinese Leaders
includes Mao, Liu Chou, Soong Ching-ling

Folder P144. Unidentified locations

The following two folders contain contact prints of the 1965 trip.

Folder P145. Contact prints

Folder P146. Contact prints

The following four folders contain miscellaneous enlarged prints from the 1965 trip.

Folder P147. Enlargements (with caption list, p. 1)

Folder P148. Enlargements (with caption list, p. 2)

Folder P149. Enlargements (with caption list, p. 3)

Folder P150. Enlargements (with caption list, p. 4)

China, 14 Aug. 1970 - Feb. 1971Table of Contents

Folder P151. Beijing
includes children, parks, students

Folder P152. Beijing: Beijing University and Qing Hua University
includes Huang Hua

Folder P153. Beijing: acupuncture, abortion

Folder P154. Beijing: Yellow Ridge Commune

Folder P155. Hebei Province: Sha shih-yo (Sand Stone Gulch)

Folder P156. Hebei Province: Xi Po Commune

Folder P157. Xian

Folder P158. Yanan: Willow Grove Commune

Folder P159. Baoan
includes Huang Hua

Folder P160. Shenyang and Anshan
includes industry

Folder P161. Guangdong Province
includes Canton, Shunde, Xin Hua Commune, industry, commerce

Folder P162. Hangzhou
includes Tea Commune and Xinanjiang Hydroelectric Station

Folder P163. Nanjing

Folder P164. Shanghai
includes Ma Qiao Commune, automobile show, ditch digging

Folder P165. Shuang Chuang Commune

Folder P166. Shi Wan Artistic Ceramics Plant

The following two folders contain photos which may have been taken by Rewi Alley

Folder P167. Hunan Province: Changsha and Shao Shan

Folder P168. Jiangxi Province: Mt. Jinggangshan

Folder P169. Chinese Leaders
includes Mao, Lin Piao, Chou

Folder P170. News photos from China Photo Service (with caption list), 1970

Folder P171. Chinese people (locations unknown)

Edgar Snow and FamilyTable of Contents

Folder P172. Family Trip (undated): Italy, Yugoslavia, France

Folder P173. Switzerland, family and friends

Table of Contents

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