UMKC Web Policy, Requirements and Recommendations


A Web site's design can enhance or hinder the user experience. In addition, the design assists in bringing continuity across the entirety of the University's Web sites.


Pages should be designed for a 1024 x 768 resolution or smaller. The standard university header is built to be 940px wide and centered on the page. Centering content on the page or using a liquid (expandable) layout will make the design look more complete on higher resolutions and larger screens.

Color Palette

Blue and gold are the official UMKC colors. The official blue Web color is RGB (R 0, G 102 and B 204) and Hexadecimal #0066cc. The official gold Web color is RGB (R 255, G 204 and B 0) and Hexadecimal ##ffcc00.

To capture the spirit of UMKC’s scope of service and to allow for greater customization on University Web sites or pages, the following colors were chosen to complement the standard template.

Primary Colors




Dark Blue


Sky Blue




Dark Gray


Light Gray


Highlight Colors












Type options

The official UMKC font to be used in HTML is Helvetica. When using text in an image, the text should be set in Helvetica Neue or Goudy Oldstyle.

Consistent placement of informationExample

1. UMKC Header

The standard university header must be included at the top of every official UMKC Web page.

2. Web site title bar

The Web site title bar should appear underneath the header in an area measuring 940 pixels wide. The height can be between 70 pixels and 120 pixels.

3. Main Web site/page navigation

User navigation appears left justified in order to:

  • Facilitate convenient navigation across various screen resolutions
  • Create a consistent user experience as they navigate from one official UMKC Web site or page to another
4. Breadcrumbs

Providing breadcrumbs beneath the title bar:

  • Helps users understand the hierarchy of the site
  • Reminds users what area of the Web site they are currently viewing
  • Serves as a navigation tool in addition to the left hand navigation menu and back button on their browser
5. Main Web site/page content

Content is the most important part of a Web site – a site’s reason for existing. Specific content recommendations can be found on this page.

6. Resources column

This area of the page can be used for related links or documents, contact information and links to external resources. Placing this information in the resources column allows users to quickly find what they are looking for.

7. UMKC Footer

The standard university footer must be included at the top of every official UMKC Web page.

Consistent Web site/page navigation language

In order to create a consistent user experience across all UMKC Web site or pages the following language is used as Web site or page navigation.

  • (Name of department, center, institute or affiliate) home – this returns the user to the homepage of the specific department, center, institute or affiliate.
  • Our (school, department, office, center, institute or affiliate) – this takes the user to a page providing information on the unit
  • Admissions – takes the user to admissions related information
  • Degree programs – takes the user to degree related information
  • Community – takes the user to community related information
  • News – takes the user to news
  • Events – takes the user to one of the official UMKC calendars
  • Resources – takes the user to various resource information
  • Research – takes the user to research information
  • Contact us – takes the user to contact information
  • Future student – refers to any potential student and takes the user to related information
  • Current student – refers to any current student and takes the user to related information
  • Alumni – refers to any alumni and takes the user to related information
  • Faculty and staff – refers to any faculty and staff and takes the user to related information