UMKC Web Policy, Requirements and Recommendations


While content is the most important part of the Web, visitors will not be able to easily access content if the site has poor navigation. To ensure a positive user experience, the guidelines below are recommended.

Internal site navigation

  • Internal site navigation should be stacked vertically and appear on the left, aligned with the UMKC mark.
  • If your site is a department or unit under the umbrella of a school or division, the first item in your internal navigation should link back to your parent site (i.e., Department of Psychology has a link at the top of their navigation to the College of Arts and Sciences).
  • Keep navigation consistent throughout site. Links in the main navigation should not change on any page.
  • Do not include every page on your site in the menu, unless your site has a small number of pages. Too many links can overwhelm users.

Audience navigation

Identify primary audiences of the site and provide links specific to each audience on site landing page.

View an example of audience navigation >>


Use breadcrumb navigation for internal pages of the site.

View an example of breadcrumbs >>

External links

Any hyperlinks directing to a page that is external to the site should be set to open in a new window.


<a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>




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