40th Anniversary: "So Beautiful" Lyrics


Singer/songwriter Barclay Martin composed a song in honor of the 40th Anniversary. The song was recorded at UMKC by the Barclay Martin Ensemble and premiered at the Gala on April 20, 2012. Below are the lyrics to the song -- and it is the musical accompaniment to the video above.

Tell me about your life
Tell me of your joys and sorrows
Yours are much like mine
As we move toward a new tomorrow

All of the mothers, sisters and daughters
Come around to the table sharing your stories

Let me hear your words
Showing all your strength and through it
One day we’ll become
A patchwork garden blooming

Blooms are made of me and you
A place to put your love into

Come with me, step inside
See the world though different eyes
When your story’s told and your colors show
It makes the world so beautiful

And I thank you for
Walking on the path of courage
Inspiring those you know
To pass along the message

We’re working together to make it better
Respecting each other’s the only way to get there

Share all you know
Treasuring the joy of learning
Conversation grows
Giving birth to understanding

We’re threaded together by those before us
Building bridges straight to the chorus

Carry the spark of gold in your heart
Can you feel when it starts to show?
Share with me some of your favorite things
It means more to me than you know

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