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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: 'Put yourself in her shoes' -literally - UNews coverage(9/24/2012)

2012 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - Uploaded on Mingle by Mike Alvardo(9/22/2012)

Men walk in heels to put an end to Kansas City violence - 41 Action News coverage(9/20/2012)

Women’s Center celebrates International Women’s Day - UNews coverage (3/12/2012)

‘Miss Representation’ Feminist documentary tells story of female struggle for power in a male-dominated society - UNews coverage (3/7/2012)

From Hospital Hill to the West Side, explore a cosmic First Friday - The Kansas City Starr coverage (2/29/2012)

Workshop promotes violence prevention through awareness - UNews coverage (2/28/2012)

The Vagina Monologues performed at UMKC on Feb. 16 - KC Hispanic News (2/5/2012)

Stich by Stitch - (11/02/2012)

Women’s Center celebrates 40th anniversary with community events - UNews coverage (30/01/2012)

Steinem and Huerta Deliver Strong Message - KC Hispanic News (11/10/2011)

Starr Symposium Event brings movers and shakers to campus - Unews coverage (11/7/2011)

Gloria Steinem’s mission connects women across generations - The Kansas City Star coverage (11/6/2011)

Stories told through Quilts on the Quad - Unews coverage (10/3/2011)

Women’s Center celebrates 40 years - Unews coverage (9/26/2011)

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes: Men raise awareness of violence against women - Unews coverage (9/26/2011)

Men walk a mile in women’s high-heeled shoes - Mingle coverage (9/24/2011)

Women's Equity Quilt created at Summer Quilt Camp - The Kansas City Star coverage (6/23/2011)

Taking Back the Night 2011 - Unews coverage (4/25/2011)

UMKC students rally against sexual violence - NBC Action news coverage (4/20/2011)

2011 Starr Community Conversation — Work and Life: Who Does She Think She Is? Balancing Family Life and Creative Careers - The Kansas City Star coverage (4/24/2011)

Nedra Bonds Teaches Quilting as Personal Expression - Interview, KCUR 89.9 FM coverage (3/27/2011)

Quilting life experience with Her Art - University News Coverage (3/17/2011)

Celebrating Women's History Month - University News Coverage (3/7/2011)

The Vagina Monologues creates good tension - University News Coverage (2/14/2011)

Men’s V-Day workshop held at UMKC - University News Coverage (2/14/2011)

V-Day screening raises awareness on campus - University News Coverage (2/14/2011)

UMKC hosts Dating Violence 101 - NBCAction News Coverage (10/28/2010)

Students learn how to recognize dating violence on college campuses - NBCAction News Coverage (10/28/2010)

Human rights organizers gain momentum - University News Coverage (10/18/2010)

The Director of UMKC Women's Center Discusses about Human Rights - KCUR interview (10/11/10)

Revealing the true face of Domestic Violence by removing its mask - University News Coverage (10/18/2010)

These heels are made for walking - University News Coverage (09/20/2010)

Guys Slip On High Heels to Walk for UMKC Women's Center - Fox4 KC Coverage (09/15/10)

Men dress in heels to Walk a Mile in the Shoes of Victims - NBC Action Coverage (09/15/2010)

It's Her Party (She's Not Crying) - A review of Her Art: Who Does She Think She Is? - Review (05/18/10)

Screening & Other Events at UMKC - Who Does She Think She Is Movie Official Blog (03/10/10)

Waldo Rapes Leave UMKC Students, Faculty Feeling Uneasy About Safety - Fox 4 News Coverage (03/02/10)

Starr Symposium 2009 - UMKC Press Release (09/17/09)

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes March - KMBC News Article, Video & Photo Gallery (09/22/09)

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - UMKC Press Release (09/20/09)

Take Back The Night - KMBC-TV9 coverage (03/07/09)

Vagina Monologues - UNews coverage (03/02/09)

V-Day Movie Screening - UNews coverage (02/23/09)

WomenGirlsLadies - Gloria Feldt's blog about WGL event (11/17/08)

WomenGirlsLadies - blog about WGL publicity (11/16/08)

WomenGirlsLadies - blog about WGL program (11/14/08)

Starr Symposium - KCUR Coverage (2/27/2008)

Starr Symposium - Ottawa University News Coverage (3/4/2008)

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