Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is a Women's Center?

A) A women's center is an organization that contributes to the social, cultural and intellectual development of all students, staff and faculty, and that strives to create a safer environment through education. It's a place that creates opportunities for discussion and understanding on women's and gender issues and a place to receive support, ask questions and simply talk. The mission of the Women’s Center at the University of Missouri-Kansas City is to advocate, educate, and provide support services for the advancement of women’s equity on campus and within the community at large.

2) What are some reasons why women would visit the Women's Center?

A) There are many reasons why women would visit the Women's Center. Here are a few.

  • To browse our brochure and handout collection. Looking for information on dating, health, sexual harassment, or on local agencies? We have resources to help.
  • Because we have a great library. Over 400 books, magazines and topical files. Whether writing a paper or reading for pleasure, be sure to check us out;
  • So you can find out what's going on . We have a great calendar events. Subscribe now to the Women's Center listserv and get updates regularly by e-mail.
  • To volunteer for the center. The Women's Center is always looking for volunteers to plan programs, help with ongoing projects, or just hang fliers.
  • Hang out, read a magazine, take a break from studying, grab lunch or just escape. We have a big, comfortable space and a computer to check your e-mail or finish typing up your paper;
  • You'll get to meet other women and men who are interested in women's and gender issues. Here's your chance to make friends, meet people, be an activist or an advocate.
  • Learn how to be an agent for change. After all, this campus is your home. If you want to work on improving the climate for women, changing a policy, or raising awareness, we'd be happy to help you get started.

3) How can I become involved?

A) Here are just a few of the ways in which you can become involved with the Women's Center:

  • Become a Women's Center volunteer;
  • Subscribe to the Women's Center listserv;
  • Join the discussion at our blog;
  • Become a Women’s Center fan on Facebook;
  • Follow our Tweets;
  • Attend Women's Center sponsored and co-sponsored events;
  • Visit the library.
  • Act as a liaison between the Women's Center and other organizations that you are involved with;
  • Study, hang out, join us for lunch, or browse through our resources.

4) What can the Women’s Center do for my organization?

A) The Women’s Center offers many ways to support your organization:

  • We can help you get the word out about your events by publicizing your event on our calendar and listserv. To submit your event for the calendar, click here;
  • Promoting your organization by linking to it in our community resource web pages. To have your organization listed, contact Arzie Umali;
  • Helping you spread your message through guest posts on our blog. Click here to view our guest post guidelines;
  • Providing co-sponsorship support in the form of publicity and arranging for meeting space on the UMKC campus;
  • And finally, by providing space for small events and meetings in the Women’s Center; please click here for usage guidelines and a reservation form.

5) Is theViolence Prevention and Response Project different from Women’s Center?

A) The Violence Prevention and Response Project is a collaboration between various campus and community offices that is hosted by the Women’s Center.

6) How can men contribute to the Women’s Center?

A) Men are welcome at the Women's Center. The library, programming and other services are open to everyone in the UMKC community. Issues that affect women affect the men who know and care for them. Men are encouraged to get involved with the Women's Center. Here are a few other reasons why men might visit the Women's Center:

  • To check out a book from our library to help with a research project or term paper. (Did you know we have over 400 books in our library?)
  • To browse our resources.
  • To subscribe to the Women's Center listserv--where you can find out about campus-wide programs and events.
  • To access information, resources, or referral for a woman in your life who may need some support.
  • To be an ally to women on campus. To “Walk a Mile” in women’s shoes.

7 )What is the difference between the Women’s Center, the Women’s Council and the Women’s & Gender Studies Program?

A) Women's & Gender Studies is an academic program. The program offers academic courses that can lead to an undergraduate minor or concentration, as well as a certificate in Girls’ Studies. For more information on the Women's & Gender Studies Program at UMKC, please see their website. The Women's Center does not offer classes, although we do offer educational workshops, speakers and other services. The Women's Center is a center that includes a library, a place to sit and read, study, visit or be quiet.

The UMKC Women’s Council is an organization devoted to involving women from the community in the life of the University; to helping women understand what opportunities are open to them; and to helping women achieve success in their graduate and professional education. The Women’s Council administers the Graduate Assistance Fund, and also offers short-term assistance to women graduate students. The Women’s Center does not offer any scholarship or fellowships.

The UMKC Women’s Center, the UMKC Women’s and Gender Studies Program, and the UMKC Women’s Council work together through the Women’s Collaborative, designed to support and promote the University’s commitment to women’s education, scholarship, and personal and professional growth. The Women’s Center also co-sponsors the Starr Symposium with the Women’s Council.

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