Her Art Project

Her Art Project

The Her Art Project strives to support the achievements of local women artists of all disciplines and advance the equity of all women in the arts in Kansas City. Through advocacy, education, and support, our programs and services address issues relevant to women and take action to ensure that women are included, recognized, and celebrated for their artistic contributions. Through our efforts, we hope to undo past discrimination and exclusion and to raise awareness to the unique challenges that women artists face as they bring together motherhood, careers, and artistic fulfillment.

The Her Art Project is a citywide collaboration involving various UMKC and Kansas City area arts organizations and individuals who value the creativity of women.

Vision: To create an arts community in Kansas City where women artists feel included, valued, and supported.

Mission: To provide programs and services that address issues that are relevant to women artists in Kansas City and advance women’s equity in the arts.


1. Assist UMKC in achieving its goal to create excellent programs in visual and performing arts on campus and in the community.

2. Develop and sponsor programming that enhances the creative skills of women and assist in their development and advancement as arts professional

3. Build networks and promote collaboration among UMKC, local artists, and community organizations to serve and support a diverse community of women artists;

4. Recognize, celebrate, and promote awareness of the multicultural realities of women’s lives, particularly across race, sexual orientation, gender expression and identity, class, age, and abilities

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