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Microsoft Outlook can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite. Special academic pricing is available from the UMKC Bookstore. If your version of Outlook is not listed below, please refer to instructions for unsupported versions of Outlook.

Outlook 2010 & 2007 (Windows) At Home

  1. Install Outlook 2010/2007 using the default settings
  2. Restart your computer, if neccessary, and connect to the Internet
  3. Launch Outlook 2010 from the start menu
  4. Click next
  5. Select Yes and click next
  6. Select Manually configure server settings and click next
  7. Select Microsoft Exchange and click next
  8. Next to Server, type
  9. Check the box to Use Cached Exchange Mode
  10. Next to User Name, type your SSO username
  11. Click More Settings
  12. Click on the Connection tab
  13. Check the box to Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP
  14. Click Exchange Proxy Settings
  15. Next to https://, type
  16. Check the box to Connect using SSL only
  17. Check the box next to On fast networks...
  18. Check the box next to On slow networks...
  19. Click OK
  20. Click OK again
  21. Click Check Name
  22. Enter your email address (
  23. Enter your SSO Password
  24. Click OK
  25. Click Next
  26. Click Finish

Outlook 2011 (Mac) At Home

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on the Outlook menu
  3. Click Preferences
  4. Click Accounts
  5. Click Exchange Account
  6. Next to e-mail address, enter your email address (
  7. Next to user name, enter your SSO username (umkc-users\SSO)
  8. Next to password, type your SSO password
  9. Uncheck the box to configure automatically
  10. Next to server, type
  11. Click Add Account
  12. Click Advanced
  13. Next to directory service server, type
  14. Click OK
  15. Close the accounts window
  16. If prompted, check the box to always use my response for this server
  17. Click Allow