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Getting Started with Microsoft SkyDrive

Where: Fine Arts Room 307
When: Jun 10,2013  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Presenter(s): David Ta
Prerequisite: • Basic computing skills like installing/opening applications and knowing how to search on the Internet • Basic understanding of Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. • Willingness to organize content on your computer.


There are couple reasons why you need to learn SkyDrive:

If you notice the connection between those two points, the overall theme of this workshop is collaboration. Here are questions you may ask that this workshop will answer:

  1. Your own personal use with colleagues.
  2. Standardize how students collaborate with technology.

Why not utilize SkyDrive, a product by Microsoft that is free? That way, you have access to that important document from anywhere there is an Internet connection. With Microsoft SkyDrive and an Internet-active tablet or smart phone, you have access those files. UMKC students are given 7GBs of cloud storage and free access to Microsoft’s productivity applications. Collaboration is never easier with Microsoft SkyDrive. Whether you are creating assignments, coordinating classroom activities, or working on your own projects, knowing the best way to use these tools will enable you to be more productive.

This of this scenario that SkyDrive will help: One common excuse students give is that they can never make it to group meetings, and they often get left behind. With SkyDrive and collaborating within their WebApps, students can share one central document and meet anywhere they have a high-speed Internet connection. No more gathering in the library or after class in the student union.

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Why e-mail documents back and forth when you can create one document on the cloud?
  • Need to make a few modifications to a Word document, enter numbers on a spreadsheet, or review a presentation before a major speech, but you are not in your office or you do not have your laptop with you?
  • Need a way to create a cohesive team for group work?

Learn how to use these Microsoft WebApps so you can incorporate these tools into your activities and assignments.

  1. Set up your own personal SkyDrive account.
  2. Learn how to create documents and store those documents in the cloud.
  3. Share and collaborate within the same documents at the same time.

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