Foundation Services → Storage

IS Foundation Services provides an enterprise-class site & hardware redundant storage area network, designed to meet the growing information technology (IT) needs of UMKC. The following storage options are offered.

Personal Storage (Q:)

IS Foundation services provides 500 MB of personal storage space for all students, staff, or faculty (accessible via the Q: drive).

Group Storage (N:)

Information Services provides the following free storage quota for departments & schools (accessible via the N: drive):
  • 200 GB per department
  • 1000 GB per school
Schools can elect to use either quota mechanism (but not both). Fees for storage use beyond the standard quota follow the standard storage fees (outlined below).

Student Organizations are eligible to receive 10 GB of free storage (presented on the N: drive).

Storage (Fee-based)

Monthly fees for additional storage by university affiliation:

  Academic Non-Academic University Ties
Additional Light1 Disk Space (GB) $0.06 $0.10 $0.10
Additional Dim2 Disk Space (GB) $0.03 $0.05 $0.05
1 near-instant recovery time, hosted in multiple data centers, 30+ day retention
2 24-48 hour recovery time, hosted in multiple data centers

Research Managed Backup Storage (RMBS)

Partnering with the entire UM System, we are offering 300TB of long term backup storage called Research Managed Backup Service(RMBS). This system costs $120/TB for 5 years and is available to anyone in the UM System. This system is meant for backup, not primary storage. A researcher or faculty member could attach a large external hard drive to their local computer and use this service as a backup.


If you require support with an existing service, would like to request a new service, or wish to report an outage, please contact the IS Technology Support Center.