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UMKC Computer Usage

University owned or operated computing resources are provided for use by faculty, students, staff, and authorized associates of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. All faculty, students, staff, and associates are responsible for use of UMKC computing resources in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner consistent with local, state, and federal laws, the UM System Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the MOREnet Acceptable Use Policy. The following relate to the use of UMKC's computing resources:

  1. Computing resources and accounts are owned by the University, and are to be used for University-related activities, and are not to be used for commercial purposes or non-university related activities. Per the AUP, excessive personal use is prohibited.

  2. A user ID, called a Single Sign-On or SSO, assigned to an individual must not be used by others. Faculty, students, staff, and associates are individually responsible for the proper use of their SSO, including proper password protection and appropriate use of Internet resources. Allowing friends, family, or co-workers to use one's SSO, either locally or through the Internet, is a violation of the AUP.

  3. Information Services and other IT personnel may only access user's files/accounts in accordance with the AUP. Access by Information Services personnel or other IT personnel requires approval by the appropriate institutional official, or as required to comply with local, state, or federal law.

  4. University computing resources cannot be used to intimidate or create an atmosphere of harassment based upon gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, creed, or sexual orientation. Chain letters, mass mailings, and repeated sending of email after being requested to stop are also examples of inappropriate uses of University electronic communications resources.

  5. Software use must conform to copyright laws and licensing agreements.

  6. For the protection of all UMKC computer users, an individual's computer use privileges may be suspended or restricted immediately upon the discovery of a possible violation of the AUP or other campus policies. The individual's access may be removed or de-activated or privileges removed from one or all University computing systems permanently or until the matter is completely resolved.