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Getting access to Blackboard, click here

  1. You must have an active appointment in the Human Resources database to be given instructor or staff access to Pathway. As part of this process you will be assigned an Employee ID number.
    • The HR facilitator in your academic unit must submit a paper application for your HR appointment.
    • This form must be signed by the instructor/faculty member before they can be submitted. If the instructor is a volunteer and will not be getting compensation from the University, and if they will be asked to assign grades or access other areas of the Pathway Student Information System or the Blackboard e-learning system, they will still need to get a faculty appointment and EMPLID.
  2. You will need to be listed as the instructor of record in Pathway to have access to a specific class in Blackboard. Your department must request that for you. See the procedures for scheduling classes and classrooms for information on who the approved scheduler in your department is.

    Note: if you have a graduate assistant to teaching assistant who needs to have access to the Blackboard site, they will also need to be added as such in Pathway for them to get access to the Blackboard course site.

Blackboard class rosters, click here

  • Blackboard class rosters are copied from the Pathway class roster representing those students who are officially enrolled for the class.
  • However, when students officially drop a class, they are not deleted from the Blackboard class roster so that their assignments and other coursework do not get deleted.
  • Blackboard class rosters are updated every 4 hours during the week.

Getting non-enrolled students access to your class in Blackboard, click here

Students must be officially enrolled in a class to attend it. This includes having access to the class in Blackboard. If you have a student who needs to finish an incomplete from a previous semester and you would like for them to have access to your Blackboard site for the current semester, send an e-mail with their name, student ID number, the class which they need access to, and the reason you are requesting the exception to The appropriate authority in the Registration and Records Office will verify the information you have submitted and send approval to Information Technology Services to get the student added to the class in Blackboard.

Pathway class rosters

How to view your class roster in Pathway, click here

Faculty Class Rosters step-by-step instructions (PDF)

Quick Guide to Class Rosters:

  1. Log on to Pathway
  2. Click on the Self-Service link
  3. Click on the "Faculty Center" link
  4. All classes for all terms for which the instructor is the official instructor of record will be displayed on this page.
  5. The term displayed is indicated at the top of the page
  6. To see classes for a different term, click the yellow Change Term button to select a different term.


What to check for on your class roster in Pathway, click here

Periodically, you should check your class roster in Pathway for inaccuracies.

First, check that everyone who is attending your class is officially enrolled. If there are students who are attending your class, but are not officially enrolled, inform them they need to either stop attending the class or get officially enrolled.

Officially enrolling after the deadline:
Students can add classes via Pathway through the first week of the semester. After that, they must get an instructor signature to add a class late. The steps for getting officially enrolled in a class after the first week are:

  1. Print an add/drop form, or pick one up from the Registration and Records Office or Student Services/Advising office in their academic unit.
  2. Fill out the add/drop form with the class that needs to be added.
  3. Have the instructor for the class initial in the "Late Add" box and sign on the end of the line for that class.
  4. Have their academic adviser sign the form at the bottom.
  5. Take the add/drop form to the Registration and Records Office to be manually put in the class.
    • The Registration and Records Office is in room 115 of the Administrative Center, located at 5115 Oak Street.
    • Students can also mail or fax the add/drop form if they are unable to bring it by in person.

Second, check to make sure there are not students on the roster who are no longer attending. It is important for the Registration and Records Office to know if students stopped attending class and the specific date they stopped attending for Title IV Financial Aid regulations. If you find students on your roster who have never attended or have stopped attending, you should use the UMKC Connect system to complete the attendance survey. If your course is not utilizing the Connect attendancy survey send an e-mail to inform our office of the last date the student attended your class. A letter will be sent to the student notifying them that they have not officially withdrawn and giving them the procedures for doing so at this time.

Using the "notify" buttons on your class roster and grade roster, click here

notify buttons

The notify buttons provide a way for you to send a mass e-mail to all your students or those that you select. All students will receive the exact same e-mail.

Notify Selected Students

  1. Click on Notify Selected Students.
  2. Make sure each student on your roster has a check box next to their student ID number.
  3. If you wish to send an e-mail to one or more students, but not the entire class, you can select the students by checking the box.
  4. Click the "Notify Selected Students" button.

Notify Listed Students

If you want to send an e-mail to ALL the students on the roster, click the "Notify Listed Students" button.

  1. Click on Notify Listed Students button.
  2. You will be taken to a screen where you can type the e-mail you want to be sent to your students.




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