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About The RooWriter

The RooWriter is a directed self-placement assessment designed to provide you, a UMKC undergraduate student, with direct information on your current ability to use reading and writing as tools for engaging in critical discourse analysis. In taking the RooWriter, you write a "documented, critical essay" about a prompt based on a Reading Packet of articles, from among several choices of packets. The criteria for assessing student performance on the RooWriter are based on the criteria used to assess student reading, writing, and discourse analysis in the new 30-hour University-wide General Education Program.

The RooWriter is offered to you online at any time and place you have access to the internet, over a 72 hour period. You must take the RooWriter at least once as a mandatory UMKC undergraduate graduation requirement. Also, if your major is in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), you must take the RooWriter in order to be eligible to enroll in A&S WI (Writing Intensive) classes.

If your essay is evaluated, rather than a grade (such as pass/fail) being assigned, a critical assessment of your essay will be composed by RooWriter Evaluators and provided to you. You may also take the RooWriter again as many times as you wish during your career at UMKC.


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